Dongman: 8 Anime from China that you need to watch

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Chinese anime, as the name implies, refers to animations created in China or Chinese adaptations of Manhua (漫画), Chinese manga, and is also known as Donghua (动画). With multiple manhuas making waves both domestically and internationally, Chinese anime is also seeing a massive increase in viewership as well as a drastic increase in animation quality.

This list ranks the best Chinese anime, including older titles and new Chinese anime that you may not be aware of.

1. Soul Land 斗罗大陆

Year: 2018

Episodes: 140+

Update: Every Saturday

“Soul Land” is a novel by author Tang Jiasan Shao (唐家三少), first published on Qidian Chinese website (起点中文网). In May 2018, Tang Jiasan Shao was inducted into the Internet Literature Hall of Fame as the first winner of Cheng Gua award (橙瓜网文之王) with works such as “Douluo Dalu” and “Douluo Dalu” scored 7.6 points in Cheng Gua (橙瓜).

The story is about Tang San (唐三), a disciple of Tangmen’s (唐门) outer sect, who Tangmen did not tolerate for stealing the secret skills of learning from the inner sect. He found that he was not dead when he jumped off a cliff. Instead, he came to another world with another identity, a world belonging to the martial spirits called Douluo Continent (斗罗大陆). There is no magic or martial arts, but there are magical spirits. Watch how Tang San recreates the splendid story of Tangmen in this new world of magical spirits (武魂). 

2. Perfect World 完美世界

Year: 2021

Episodes: 70+

Update: Every Friday

“Perfect World” is a Chinese online animation produced by Penguin Films (企鹅影视), Foch Films (视福煦影), and Suzhou Ian Animation (苏州伊恩动漫) and directed by Wang Gongfa (汪成果) and Zhang Shuai (张帅). The first season will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video from April 23, 2021.

The animation is adapted from Chen Dong’s (辰东) original fantasy novel of the same name, which tells the story of Shi Hao’s incredibly glorious path of cultivation, and finally created an endless legend.

Shi Hao (石昊) was born to cultivate the Dao (道). To meet the calamity, he incarnated into a genius blessed by the heavens. His journey will bring him through unknown lands until he can become a person that can truly shake the world.

3. Battle Through The Heavens 斗破苍穹

Year: 2017

Episodes: 5 Seasons (50+)

Update: Every Sunday

“Battle Through The Heavens” is an ancient fantasy novel serialized on Qidian Chinese website (起点中文网). The author is Qidian platinum writer Tian Can Tudou (Li Hu 李虎). 

This story talks about the world of Dou Qi (斗气); the story of a boy named Xiao Yan (萧炎). When Xiao Yan was young, his martial art had no progress until he was fifteen due to his mother’s ring absorbing all of his progress. After making contact with the ring, Xiao Yan runs into the old man Yao Lao (药老). One day, Xiao Yan makes excellent strides in martial arts with Yao Lao’s assistance, discovering the main cause of his mother’s death. Xiao Yan enrolls in the Jianan Academy (迦南学院) and meets new people there. Xiao Yan chose a single person to challenge the forces of evil to exact revenge for his mother’s murder, but also for justice.

4. Tales Of Demons And Gods 妖神记

Year: 2017

Episodes: 5 Seasons (180+)

Update: Every Saturday

“Tales Of Demons And Gods” is a fantasy novel written by the Internet writer Furious Snail (发飙的蜗牛). It was first published on the Qidian Chinese website (起点中文网). It tells the legendary story of the protagonist Nie Li (聂离), who works hard to become the strongest Demon Spiritist. But unfortunately, he was killed in the battle with the Sage Emperor. But when he is given a second chance at life, Nie Li, whose soul is returned to when he was only 13 years old, uses the memories of years of training to rise in the martial arts world. He swears to protect his city from the demon beasts that pose an existential threat to his homeland. Furthermore, he is determined to destroy the Sacred family, who have abandoned all responsibilities for personal gain.

5. Divine Throne 神印王座

Year: 2022

Episodes: 20+

Update: Every Thursday

“Divine Throne” is a novel about another continent written by the Internet writer Tang Jiasan Shao (唐家三少). It is the twelfth novel by San Shao.

The novel tells the story of a young man who is determined to join the Temple of Human Knights to fight against demons. Miracles continue to be staged around him, and with his efforts, he ascends to the throne of the gods, which symbolizes the highest Glory of knights.

6. Martial Universe 武动乾坤

Year: 2019

Episodes: 3 Seasons (36+)

Update: TBC

“Martial Universe” is a fantasy novel that was signed and authorized to be serialized on the Qidian Chinese website (起点中文网). The author is Tiancan Tudou (天蚕土豆). The anime tells the story of Qingyang Town, Yancheng, Tiandu County, Dayan Dynasty. Lin Dong (林动), a descendant of the Lin family, accidentally picked up a mysterious stone talisman in a cave and embarked on an adventure. Lin Dong eventually became one of the most powerful and respected martial artists through sheer grit and determination. 

7. The King’s Avatar 全职高手

Year: 2017

Episodes: 2 Seasons (24+)

Update: TBC

“The King’s Avatar,” an online game novel serialized by Butterfly Blue (蝴蝶蓝) on Qidian Chinese website (起点中文网). It tells the story of Ye Xiu (叶修), a top player in the online game Glory (荣耀). He was expelled from the club for various reasons. After leaving the professional circle, he stayed in an Internet cafe and became a small network administrator. With experience, he re-entered the game in Glory’s newly opened tenth area (第十区). With memories of the past and an unfinished self-made weapon, the Thousand Manifestations Umbrella (千机伞) began to reach the Glory’s summit.

8. Full-Time Magister 全职法师

Year: 2016

Episodes: 5 Seasons (60+)

Update: TBC

“Full-Time Magister” is a fantasy novel created by an online writer under the pseudonym “Ran,” (乱) and serialized on Qidian Chinese website (起点中文网). The male protagonist is Mo Fan (莫凡), and the female protagonists are Mu Ningxue (穆宁雪) and Ye Xinxia (叶心夏).

Mo Fan, an aloof high schooler, has discovered himself in a universe similar to but distinct from his mundane one; it is where magic has replaced the essence of science. The most capable students are taught to master the wonders of spells, working to defend the city from destructive beasts lurking in the surrounding forests.

Like in his previous life, Mo Fan is the son of a poor laborer and the older step-brother of a disabled sister. Yet, despite these disadvantages, he aspires to attend a magic school and become a magician—a highly respected and lucrative trade—to repay his father for his efforts.

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Felicia Calle
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