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Monday, April 22, 2024


TSMC anticipates a 5% increase in first-quarter profits due to robust AI chip demand

TSMC set to report a 5% rise in Q1 profits driven by strong demand for AI chips, with expected net profit reaching US$6.74 billion boosts video content with a US$138 million cash incentive launches a US$138 million cash incentive to enhance video content and live-stream shopping, aiming to attract influencers and boost consumer engagement.

Tim Cook’s strategic visit to China amid iPhone sales dip

Discover why Apple's CEO Tim Cook is making a strategic visit to China amid a 24% dip in iPhone sales, and what it means for the tech giant.

China’s crypto enthusiasts defy odds to secure US$1 billion in gains

China's crypto investors navigated through regulatory challenges to make US$1.15 billion in 2023, showcasing resilience and innovation.

American tech giants face tough challenges in China

Discover how American tech giants like Apple and Tesla are navigating the increasingly challenging business environment in China.

China’s bold move in the AI race: Replicating OpenAI’s advanced video model

China's Open-Sora initiative, an ambitious project to replicate OpenAI's video AI model, marking a significant step in the global AI race.

Neta Auto gears up for Hong Kong IPO, secures significant cornerstone investment

Neta Auto, a leading Chinese EV maker, is preparing for its Hong Kong IPO with over US$2.97 billion in cornerstone investment.

Oppo unveils new AI centre and brings generative AI to Reno series phones

Oppo announces its new AI Centre and the introduction of advanced AI features in its upcoming Reno11 series.