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Monday, June 24, 2024

Google Ad

Integral Ad Science expands brand safety and suitability measurement for YouTube

Integral Ad Science broadens YouTube ad safety with updates for Performance Max and Demand Gen, ensuring global coverage and data-driven insights.

The Arc browser’s Windows launch is under siege by hackers in a devastating malware campaign

Hackers exploit the Arc browser's Windows launch with a malvertising campaign, tricking users into downloading malware instead of using the browser.

Google adds biometric verification to the Play Store for enhanced security

Enhance Play Store security with biometric verification. Use fingerprint or facial recognition for purchases.

Google to discontinue customizers for text ads

Google Ads discontinues ad customizers for text ads. Transition to responsive search ads for better ad customization and performance.

Google Ads introduce “Solutions” for easier campaign management

"Solutions", the new feature from Google Ads, simplifies campaign management with customisable automation, catering to advertisers.

Google intensifies fight against fraudulent advertising with new policy

Google updates its advertising policy to enforce a permanent ban on ads with fake endorsements, enhancing protection against fraud.

Google Ads introduces AI features to enhance Performance Max

Google introduces AI-generated text and image creation to Performance Max Ads, offering enhanced asset generation and creative control for U.S. advertisers.

Google discreetly hikes ad prices to hit financial goals

You might have noticed the price of Google's advertisements going up. Google confessed to subtly adjusting their advertising auction system to achieve its revenue...