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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Integral Ad Science expands brand safety and suitability measurement for YouTube

Integral Ad Science broadens YouTube ad safety with updates for Performance Max and Demand Gen, ensuring global coverage and data-driven insights.



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Integral Ad Science (IAS), a leading global media measurement and optimisation platform, announced the expansion of its industry-leading Brand and Suitability Measurement product for YouTube. This product includes reporting for Performance Max and Demand Generation campaigns on Google Ads.

Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS, expressed the company's dedication to providing secure and suitable advertising environments. “IAS is committed to providing advertisers valuable third-party assurance that their campaigns are running adjacent to brand safe and suitable , and we're excited to provide further safeguards for their campaigns across YouTube,” she said. This enhancement integrates Performance Max and Demand Gen into the existing framework, aiming to deliver actionable data that drives efficiency, scale, and safety.

Performance Max enhances Google ad campaigns

Performance Max is Google's latest campaign type, designed to allow advertisers to access all Google Ads inventory through a single, unified campaign. This new campaign model has proven effective, with adopters seeing an average increase of 27% more conversions or value at a similar cost per acquisition or return on ad spend, even when they're already using broad match and Smart Bidding in their Search campaigns. By simplifying the advertising process and eliminating the need to manage multiple campaigns, advertisers can achieve their objectives more efficiently across the entire Google Network.

Demand Gen campaigns and extended safety measurements

The update also includes IAS's Brand Safety, Suitability, Viewability, and Invalid Traffic (IVT) Measurement now available for Google Demand Gen campaigns for YouTube In-Stream and YouTube Shorts. Demand Gen is a new Google ad solution designed to engage consumers with immersive, relevant, and visual creatives that capture attention and drive action at the right moment. It reaches up to three billion users monthly, combining the best of Google and YouTube's visual surfaces, powered by Google AI.

With this enhancement, IAS offers global advertisers several key features:

  • Third-Party Assurance: Verification that ads running on Performance Max and Demand Gen campaigns appear alongside brand-safe and suitable content, adhering to the Global Alliance for Responsible Media framework.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Accurate analysis of brand suitability trends enables advertisers to make informed decisions based on solid data.
  • Global Coverage: Comprehensive verification of YouTube content in over 30 languages for key international events in 2024 and beyond.

This announcement follows IAS's recent achievement of earning MRC accreditation in March 2024 for integrated third-party calculation and reporting of YouTube video viewability. In December 2023, IAS announced the availability of its Total Media Quality brand safety and suitability measurement across YouTube Shorts, offering advertisers expanded coverage for advanced Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement.

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Nurin Sofia
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