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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Smart Devices

Xiaomi unveils HyperOS as Huawei steps away from Android

Xiaomi introduces a unified operating system, HyperOS, for its wide range of products as Huawei continues to move away from Google's Android with its HarmonyOS.

The future on our wrists: Delving into next-generation wearable technology

The potential of next-generation wearables for personalised health and lifestyle, the leading role of tech giants, and the critical importance of data privacy in this advancement.

LG’s space-saving WashTower delivers a complete laundry solution for your home

Following the announcement at IFA 2022, LG Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd. unveils its latest innovative laundry solution from the Objet Collection. The WashTower (WT2116NHEG) is...

The top smart home devices of 2022

The time when we will feel like our house is smarter than us is probably not that far away. With so many smart devices...