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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

United States

Google unveils AI overviews in the US, with a global rollout expected soon

Google launches AI Overviews in the US, enhances search with AI-generated summaries, and plans to expand globally by year-end.

LG CEO embarks on strategic U.S. visit to bolster AI initiatives

LG CEO William Cho's strategic U.S. tour aims to bolster AI capabilities, transforming LG into a comprehensive Smart Life Solution Company.

Intel braces for revenue impact due to new US export restrictions to China

Intel anticipates a drop in Q2 2024 revenue due to new US export restrictions impacting chip sales to China, amidst rising US-China tensions.

The Biden administration grants automakers flexibility on EV tax credit rules

The Biden administration updates EV tax credit rules, allowing exemptions for certain battery minerals and keeping the US$7,500 incentive.

Major US mobile carriers were fined nearly US$200 million for sharing customer location data

The FCC fines AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon nearly US$200 million for illegally sharing customer location data without consent.

Meta launches new ‘Screen Smart’ parent workshops across the US

Join Meta's new 'Screen Smart' series across five US cities to learn about managing your child's screen time and enhancing online safety.

Google introduces ‘Talk to a live representative’ to ease phone waits

Google's latest Search Labs feature, 'Talk to a Live Representative', aims to revolutionise phone call experiences by reducing wait times.

Apple stands firm in blood oxygen sensor patent dispute

Apple stands firm in its decision to forgo a settlement in the patent dispute, impacting the blood oxygen sensor feature in Apple Watches.