The best mobile games of 2020 (so far)

The best mobile games of 2020

Even though there’s a global pandemic going on, the mobile game industry managed to go strong. Since people were forced to stay indoors, many of them flocked to their mobile devices to play games. That’s why there are a lot of mobile games being played in 2020 so far. With that in mind, here are some of the best titles you could play right now.

Blade & Soul Revolution

The best mobile games of 2020 - BSR

Blade & Soul Revolution is a great mobile MMO focused on immersive gameplay, you get an intense set of game mechanics, and the features are very impressive. 

It’s Netmarble’s latest MMORPG release on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The current version of the game offers multiple classes classified into different races, such as Kung Fu Master, Blade Master, Destroyer, and Force Master. The game also lets you customize the character. On top of that, you can battle a variety of enemies, bosses, and even be a part of a clan. All these things add together to create an extraordinary and fun gaming experience for every player.

ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest

The best mobile games of 2020 - OPM

The idea of ONE PUNCH MAN game is pretty impressive, and this one brings in a lot of characters from the series while also integrating fun gameplay mechanics. With its beautiful game presentation and familiar soundtrack, fans of the anime can get hooked on playing and building their league of Heroes or Monsters. You can collect heroes, fight monsters, and test your skills. That alone, combined with a cute graphic style, makes things stand out of the crowd in an enjoyable and creative manner.

Call of Duty®: Mobile

The best mobile games of 2020 - COD

The mobile version of Call of Duty is prevalently popular because it brings in intense gameplay mechanics and is a widely popular game from the desktop version. If you love some shooter action, then this is a must-have on your smartphone. They had numerous in-game events, updates, and new content, making it a blast to enjoy and play as you see fit. They also featured a bunch of multiplayer modes, including Battle Royale, and other familiar classic maps and characters from other Call of Duty titles.

MapleStory M

The best mobile games of 2020 - MM

MapleStory M transports you into a cute 2D fantasy MMORPG world. You can create up to five characters in this game and choose between being a Dark Knight, Bishop, Night Lord, Bowmaster, or Captain. The game offers impressive platforming gameplay with lots of creative ideas and unique features. You can also play with other people as you engage in all kinds of world bosses. The cute graphics and constant updates make it a pleasant and fun game for everyone to enjoy.

Black Desert Mobile

The best mobile games of 2020 - BDM

Black Desert was already a hit in the desktop world, but it managed to become even better on mobile. The cool thing about this game is that it’s effortless to play, the visuals are some of the best on mobile right now, and it’s just a lot of fun. They also have tons of events and new places to explore, which makes it a blast.

You will get to choose the server you want to play on, and shortly after, you’ll get to the character creation screen to choose among the six classes, each with a very unique and distinct playstyle – Warrior, Ranger, Witch, Giant, Valkyrie, or Sorceress. 

Lineage 2 Revolution

The best mobile games of 2020 - L2R

Even if the game is not new, it continues to stand out with its outstanding fantasy world, amazing features, and the unique attention to quality and details. They have a unique game style and characters, something that makes the game very appealing. As your character slowly grows in power, both through leveling up and acquiring equipment, you get additional special moves, passive skills, and access to far more exciting things. If you’re busy and couldn’t invest much time farming your character, Lineage 2 Revolution will auto-play itself excellently.

Mobile Legends

The best mobile games of 2020 - ML

Mobile Legends is bringing in the MOBA gameplay with a twist. It is arguably one of the most popular mobile games currently being played. It’s straightforward gameplay is easy to get into, but it has many characters and unique mechanics. This game is a blast to play, and you will find it to be one of the coolest and most intense titles on mobile right now with an excellent eSports scene too.


These are some of the top mobile games you can play right now. All of them are incredibly fun, and you will find them a pleasure to check them out. If you are a fan of mobile games or just want to immerse yourself into fantasy gaming worlds, give these games a try, and you will be very impressed with their massive amount of content and extraordinary gameplay!

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