The rise of TikTok: How this video-sharing app is rewriting the world?

The rise of TikTok How this video-sharing app is rewriting the world

Social media apps continued to grow in the past few years, and TikTok is the latest example. With more than 2 billion all-time downloads, TikTok is one of the most popular apps right now, and that’s because it’s bringing in a creative set of ideas. The app itself is becoming an internet culture staple, and it brings in social interaction features for Gen Z users. 

Maybe the best thing about TikTok is its ease of use. The app itself has short-form videos, and users can quickly enter in all sorts of viral challenges. You can start dancing, showcase your comedic ideas, lip sync to music, and try out all kinds of cool things. It’s a mainstream tool that focuses a lot on interaction. While other social media apps are staler, this one is all about bringing something a bit more creative to the table. Adding something like that does make a huge difference, and people are obviously connecting with it a lot faster.

The platform managed to grow, especially during the pandemic, because it allows people to express themselves. The quarantine ended up limiting a lot of people in regards to what they say and what they can do. Thankfully, something like TikTok was there to help reconnect people and talk with one another. Teens primarily use it since 41% of the user base is between 16 and 24. This is a demographic that enjoys going out and interacting with one another, which helps push things to the next level.

How much time are people spending on TikTok every day?

Even though the TikTok videos are short, people are spending a lot of time on the platform every day. The average user will spend roughly 52 minutes per day in the app, more than the average for Facebook or even Twitter. Plus, 9 out of 10 TikTok users are opening the app more than once every day.

It brings a lot of creativity

TikTok allows people to be more creative, to showcase their ideas without a lot of restrictions. The short video format opens up a whole lot of exciting features. Plus, there are no limitations; you can generate a large audience here and monetize it. That’s why there are a lot of influencers on the platform at this time.

One thing is sure, TikTok continues to expand every day, and only a few things seem to stop it. India keeps on banning TikTok, and the US is said to do that too. Despite all the recent challenges, TikTok continues to have a strong year thanks to the pandemic. It’s one of the few apps that managed to acquire a lot of growth in 2020, considering the worldwide situation. This phenomenon really goes to show that innovation and a simple way for people to connect can make a huge difference. 

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