Unpredictable April Fool’s Day events now available in Black Desert SEA

Unpredictable April Fool's Day events now available in Black Desert SEA

Pearl Abyss announced today that a number of events are now available in Black Desert SEA to celebrate the excitement of April Fool’s Day. Adventurers can now enjoy these unpredictable festivities and receive special rewards. 

Field Bosses have mischievously decided to appear at different locations until April 7 in order to fool Adventurers. When Field Boss appearances are announced, Adventurers are encouraged to run to their locations to find out which monster they will fight against. Those who log in on April Fool’s Day can also claim a Dingy Antique as a Challenge reward, which can be exchanged for a very valuable item via Marsella. 

Moreover, Adventurers who play as Shai until April 14 will will find their donkeys have special wings attached for jumping and gliding. These wings will allow them to reach their destinations more quickly. While playing Shai, a number of special quests can also be received which will earn Adventurers various rewards.  

During the same event period, Adventurers who defeat World Bosses can obtain Shiny Rings, which can be exchanged for valuable accessories. Additional items such as Concentrated Magical Black Stones (Armor) will also be given for playing Black Desert SEA for a certain amount of time. 

Find more information about Black Desert SEA on the official website at sea.playblackdesert.com.    

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