8 Benefits of using an ITSM system for your business

8 Benefits of using an ITSM system for your business

IT refers to Information Technology, and it comprises all the equipment, networks, data management systems, software, and storage. On the other hand, ITSM or IT services management is how an organization approaches IT services from a strategic level. It, therefore, focuses on the big picture objectives of a company and at a higher level than the daily activities. 

ITSM system is designed to help businesses meet their goals better using the right services, infrastructure, and processes to focus on continuous improvement. Let’s explore more on the benefits of using ITSM for your business. 

1. Reduces operational costs

Globally, businesses spend about 60% on IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) spending. As the businesses grow and increase in size, they need even more I&O staff to enhance technical operational processes. When IT organizations use ITSM, they can scale down on operations quickly without hiring more staff. This is because ITSM comes with automated features and therefore reduces manual work for IT staff.

2. Improve efficiency

ITSM comes with several features that help companies to maximize the resources they have. One key feature is IT asset management. It allows organizations to monitor and optimize IT easily assets life cycle management through better acquisition and disposition. This feature provides significant benefits for the business.

3. Implementation of IT changes is risk-free

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Businesses change and improve continuously. However, if these changes are not correctly planned, tested, and communicated, the company or service is much more likely to be interrupted by change. ITSM supports proper planning and change management to ensure all the business changes are free of risks. This helps to support the growth of your business.

4. Improves accountability

Enterprises carry out business functions, including activities that get income and support functions. One of the critical support functions of a business is IT and is very conspicuous in organizations adopting ITSM. In these organizations, ITSM supports the implementation of processes that help in monitoring activities and infrastructure while eliminating breaches of security policies in a company. This way, the service allows companies to improve accountability in business functions.

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On the other hand, ITSM helps businesses to create accountability through service standardization. In the past, it was more difficult for IT departments to offer effective services to their organizations, standardize processes, streamline communication or even resolve issues effectively and timely, what is generally called “good customer service.” However, many IT departments have progressed, especially in the way they offer services to the organization. ITSM is, therefore, a new way through which IT organizations provide support and services. As a result, it helps IT organizations comply with prevailing IT procedures and policies to enhance service delivery.

5. Improves visibility into operations and performance

A lack of visibility in business is a common problem faced by companies that are yet to adopt IT service management. 

There is a need to align business strategies and IT, which ensures that company managers and employees understand the activities that are being prioritized at that time. Also, as IT companies grow and mature, it gains a higher level of performance visibility.

6. Reduce unnecessary workload

ITSM has more automation features and eliminates much tedious manual work and associated errors. Organizations that need to use automation features effectively must therefore integrate ITSM in their operations. 

7. Improve collaboration between different business functions

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Under the ITSM framework, organizations optimize IT investments’ deployment by letting finance and IT departments work together. Besides, other departments also collaborate with IT managers to ensure enhanced compliance with information security measures.

8. Drive better ROI

If your company has money, it can invest in the best IT equipment regardless of the cost. However, you may fail to maximize on them for lack of better processes, and with time, they will degrade and become valueless.

Companies that use ITSM can establish a Configuration Management Database (CMD) to track the existence and utilization of IT assets. ITSM technology helps organizations by ensuring that IT infrastructure is appropriately used to enhance the ROI value that the organization derives from them.

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