Which AZIO retro mechanical keyboard should you look out for in 2021?

Which retro mechanical keyboard should you buy in 2021

Mechanical keyboards have always been among the top-rated keyboards in the marketplace, as they are faster and easier to type on, also lasting longer than other kinds of keyboards.

The vital feedback and precision they offer make them a good fit for a wide range of needs. One such category of a mechanical keyboard that is highly-admired these days is the retro mechanical keyboard.

Retro mechanical keyboards are usually characterized by an old-school look and charm. Retro mechanical keyboards appear rustic or worn and are generally found in pastel-colored designs.

They are mostly constructed with metal and have keycaps inspired by typewriting days. Having said that, retro mechanical keyboards still offer an array of exciting and helpful features that make them irresistible.

With the popularity of portable devices has increased since 2011, the retro mechanical keyboard has begun to take over the land of wired and wireless gadgets, as these keyboards are compatible with all of the popular operating systems, including Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Further, to feature portability, a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard comes with special function keys. They often come with wired USB mode as well. Moreover, retro mechanical keyboards feature contemporary ergonomics, and they offer outstanding portability and cross-platform compatibility.

Overall, suppose you’re looking for a compact and aesthetically-pleasing keyboard that doesn’t take up much space and provides you the freedom to type anytime and anywhere. In that case, a retro mechanical keyboard is your answer. 

In this blog post, we’ll list some of the best AZIO retro mechanical keyboards you should look out for in 2021.

Retro Classic BT

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The Retro Classic BT is a type of retro mechanical keyboard that features compatibility with wireless mediums like Bluetooth. It is designed in the style of classic vintage typewriters and crafted with ultramodern features.

It features a straightforward design with two incline settings and a detachable wrist, offering comfort for more extended periods. Further, it is mainly composed of clickable mechanical keys of the premium kind, illuminating with backlighting of white and orange colors, while the switches exude vibes of vintage typewriting.

The Retro Classic BT Bluetooth mechanical keyboard provides compatibility with Windows and Mac OS and can be connected to USB 3.0.

The keyboard’s full-sized design consumes more generous space, measuring 455 x 147 x 40 mm, weighing 2722g, and is packed with a powerful 5000 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. Moreover, it comes with a USB Type-C port for charging.

The keyboard is available in five design variants: Gunmetal, Posh, Artisan, Elwood, and Maple. Customers find this keyboard sturdily built, as it carries a good weight to it and features a firm grip on the desk.

Hence, the Retro Classic BT knocks itself out of the park in many aspects and is a great option in the retro keyboards category.

Retro Classic BT Limited Edition Set

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The Retro Classic BT Limited Edition Set keyboard is inspired by vintage typewriters and is provisioned with advanced features.

It is made up of vintage-fashioned tactile switches, which offer good performance and speed.

The buttons are built to be tactile and clicky, featuring round keycaps that instigate nostalgia. At the same time, the white-colored backlighting illuminates the retro mechanical keyboard switches with elegance and works well with the durable gold aluminum frame very well. But it’s not only about aesthetics, but functionality as well.

The RCB Limited Edition Set is compatible with both Windows & Mac, and the presence of a 6-key rollover helps your system recognize your keypress faster and better. This feature comes in handy while, for example, exploring gaming adventures.

Some other features of this keyboard include a dual USB and Bluetooth interface, so you can connect a Type-C cable without the need to put your game on hold. Moreover, this retro mechanical keyboard comes with a napa-leather matching palm rest, which offers an ergonomic feel to your fingers.

The enormous 5000 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery can provide long-lasting power, while a USB Type-C port is available for charging. The keyboard is available in two models: Amber and Emerald.

Retro Compact Keyboard

The Retro Compact Keyboard is a premium retro mechanical keyboard, featured with the latest in-demand features. It is arguably the best Bluetooth mechanical keyboard out there, made of premium materials, having a timeless appearance, and designed with intuitive usability in mind.

The keyboard comes with a top plate built of leather and wood, reflecting taste, craftsmanship, and culture and emitting a unique, inspiring charm. It sports a matching palm rest that offers much-needed comfort in typing, also featuring an excellent retro design and fantastic build quality.

It also features white-colored and orange-colored backlighting that illuminates from beneath the keycaps. In terms of compatibility, this Bluetooth mechanical keyboard supports a multi-design connection and works with both Windows and Mac operating systems. When in PC mode, you can swap in the included keycaps for PC.

The Retro Compact Keyboard is packed with a 5000 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery and supports Bluetooth and USB connectivity. It comes in four different designs: Elwood, Maple, Posh, and Artisan.

Retro Classic USB

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The Retro Classic USB mechanical keyboard is one of the best options for a mechanical gaming keyboard if you are into nostalgic gaming experience that invokes your yesteryear memories.

It is built with a durable aluminum alloy frame and sumptuous genuine leather, which offer a perfect amalgam of past, present, and future. Moreover, the Retro Classic USB keyboard comes labeled with a beautifully designed logo, filled with glossy lacquer paint for a classy shine.

The keyboard features backlit round keycaps in two attractive colors, white and orange, and an adjustable tilt angle—helped by the presence of rotatory rear pillar-style feet.

The keyboard dimensions are 455 x 147 x 40 mm, and its weight 2722 g.

In terms of features, the keyboard comes with a USB connection, while a 6-keys rollover helps make your game experience great. The Retro Classic USB supports many operating systems, from Windows XP to Windows 10. The keys have a smooth bump, and therefore, offer an excellent typing experience overall.

Although this simple and straightforward keyboard has been crafted for gaming purposes, its noiseless typing and responsive tactile feedback also make it a good option for office needs.

MK Retro

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The quality of keys acts as a key factor in determining the quality of keyboards. And that’s what MK Retro thrives in!

The keyboard sports a beautiful collation of design from vintage years and ultramodern features from the contemporary world. It is designed with curvilinear chrome trim in association with the contrast of a highly glossy surface and is a diligent collaboration of beautiful craft and modern mechanical precision.

It comes with round-shaped tactile mechanical keys that register impressively well and feature a very long lifespan. Also, the adjustable stand allows you to achieve optimal wrist position by adjusting the keyboard tilt angle. These features undoubtedly make MK Retro one of the best mechanical keyboards for gaming.

The keyboard can support a connection to USB 2.0 and offers an array of quick media access controls, including volume control. It’s also important to note that this retro mechanical keyboard is dust-resistant, as its unique key design keeps it free from outer dust particles and liquids.

This retro typewriter keyboard measures 455 mm in length, 147 mm wide, and weighs 1060g.

RCK Maple (Japanese Layout)

The RCK Maple retro mechanical keyboard is a beautiful maple colorway keyboard exclusively designed with a Japanese layout. It portrays as an excellent craft with genuine maple wood, displaying a creamy white interface with a slight reddish-brown tint.

The brushed silver aluminum trim adds to its existing beauty and the keyboard sports a set of tactile and clicky blue-colored mechanical keys, customized with the center LED backlighting. This makes the keyboard glow evenly and beautifully.

In terms of features and specs, this keyboard is a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard that supports both Windows and Mac layout and has a built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery of 5000 mAh power. Charging is easy with a simple plug and play-based USB cable.

The 6-keys rollover feature makes this retro mechanical keyboard a wise choice for gaming needs, while its unique, essential design is resistant to dust and liquid. Quick and easy access to hotkeys is available using built-in productivity, multimedia, and internet function. It measures 327.80 mm long, 143.20 mm wide, and weighs 2495 g.

Find the balance that suits you

Buying sophisticated tech gadgets like mechanical keyboards is not an easy feat, especially when you are not tech-savvy. A lot of features come into the picture when you need to decide on a retro mechanical keyboard.

It goes without saying that every individual has different needs and requirements. This means that, as a general rule of thumb, it’s wise to aim for a balance of features that suits you and your needs.

The list of retro mechanical keyboards in this post will surely help you choose the best one for yourself, which fits your needs and budget.

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