6 games that are next to stress-killers

Even though the technology wasn’t as invasive as today, it was a world where human connections were more valuable. 

Fast forward to this day, and we thrive on performance, perfection, and competition. People are glued more to their screens and have little time for social interactions. It has led to an insidious increase in stress. 

Recently, Everyday Health released a report stating that 52% of Generation Z in the US have been diagnosed with mental health issues.

Evaluating stress statistics

The signs of stress are omnipresent, and its consequences are numerous. At its core, stress is a feeling or condition experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual can mobilize. 

According to the American Institute of Stress:

  • 33% of people report feeling extremely stressful
  • 77% experience stress that impacts their physical health
  • 73% undergo stress that damages their mental health
  • 48% face sleep troubles due to stress

In light of these figures, it is vital for healthcare specialists and social entities to join hands. They must find ways to reduce stress factors within the population. And while they are doing so, providing practical solutions to stressful individuals is also the need of the hour. 

Digital stress-busting tools

Gaming on mobiles is fantastic these days. Check out the best mobile games in 2020 if you want to have the latest titles on your phone. Some great games can help to lower your stress levels and chill out a bit. 

So, here are a few games you can play to find your zen or merely kill time while waiting for the cab:

Pigment (iOS, Android): San Diego based Pixite released an adult coloring book app called Pigment. It contains a wide variety of tools with a vast set of illustrations across different categories. To be precise, Pigment has 21 coloring books so far, with around dozen illustrations in each. 

Once the user chooses an illustration, they can select from 126 colors and utilize eight different tools. With each tool, there is a line thickness and adjustment slider. As you get done with your coloring pages, you can also flaunt them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. However, images have a Pigment watermark when you save them, which erases when you sign up for the subscription. 

Stardew Valley (iOS, Android): Nothing is more soothing than leaving the hustle of urban life and starting up your farm away from the city. While the idea might seem absurd in reality, you can always live them virtually!

Stardew Valley makes a player work on an old farm plot with hand-me-down tools and a handful of coins. Also, it was the Winner of the Golden Joysticks’ Breakthrough Award. 

Even though it is worlds apart from games that instantly bring results, there is something incredibly soothing about farm life. The feeling you experience after having rows and rows of healthy berries is purely joyful.

In a world where most things are so messy, having a place where everything is in an order you like is a beautiful relief.

Monument Valley (iOS, Android): Have you ever seen M.C. Escher paintings with weird optical illusions? This game is precisely that in a digital form. It provides a transcendent experience that brings a striking combo of puzzles, visuals, and a remarkable soundtrack. There is no rocket science mission to accomplish nor any enemies to beat. You aim to move from point A to point B. That is it!

You have to guide your avatar through an intricately-designed puzzle world by swiping pieces of the tower you are climbing. The colors and music create a soothing mood, even when puzzles get tough to solve. There is a surprisingly catchy story at the heart of it that inspires you to keep going.

Monster Go: You may have played a game with a similar structure, but this one wins the cake with its unique graphics. Poke monsters – those cute, tiny shapes – are only happy when in pairs. You have to connect them with a flow of energy to activate their powers. 

The core idea is simple and yet so addictive. When you start playing this game, you have to fill the entire field with energy lines to make poke monsters happy. Note that energy streams can’t overlap or cross one another.

Developed by Unlimited Gamez Mo, this game is accessible for all after a small subscription fee. The easy-going gameplay allows the player to feel fulfilled and happy.

Alto’s Odyssey (iOs, Android): Developer team Alto has stuck to its pattern and released a similar title to the ones launched earlier. The reason why it makes it to a stress-busting games list is its endless play. Just beyond the horizons sits a majestic desert, unexplored and vast.

You start the game sandboarding across the desert. Later, you encounter hot air balloons, temples, waterfalls, and so much more. All of this is in the name of achieving higher scores or targets. 

The coolest addition, by far, is wall riding. After completing the first few levels, you can access a sandboard that lets you ride beside vertical walls. Like all things in the Odyssey, the ride is smooth and uninterrupted.

All visuals and music are equally relaxing. You might like to put on your headphones before you strap into a zen session of endless gaming.

Prune (iOS, Android): Developed by Joel McDonalds LLC, Prune has rocked the charts for its distinct gaming approach. It has won multiple awards, including TIME and Apple Magazine Game of the Year in 2015.

This app focuses on providing a straightforward and interactive game experience where the user grows a tree. You have to be thoughtful in how you plan the growth, but you have to be sure to cut down anything that hinders your tree’s growth.

The game works on the idea that you should only keep the necessary things and discard the clutter. Indeed, the idea is quite therapeutic for stressed players.

Final thoughts

According to an eMarketer survey, American adults spend 3 hours and 35 minutes per day using their mobile phones. In light of these figures, we can safely state that having stress-killing games on your phone might help you deal with daily anxieties.

Plunge into the digital marketplace to find a perfect stress-busting game right away!

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