8 High tech hotels you must visit

If you are a passionate traveler but don’t like to stay in hotels that look all the same and don’t offer you any excitement, maybe you should consider visiting a tech hotel. As the name suggests, those are very technological, and the ruins are like small pods. You will find only the bare necessities inside — a bed, a small wardrobe, and lights. Most of those hotels don’t even offer a private bathroom in the room, and you will have to use some communal ones. You can forget about all the other perks and extras regular hotels have because you won’t find them in such a hotel. However, you might be surprised by some of the technological advancements they offer.

The hope over tech hotels started in the late 70s in Japan. The first one was opened in Osaka, and it was more or less the same as the hotels now. Since the rooms are tiny, this might not be an experience suitable for everyone. However, the trend has gained a lot of popularity for many reasons — the price is a bit lower, you have more privacy, there are a lot of rooms in such a hotel, etc. If this sounds like an adventure you would like to try, you should visit one of the 8 hotels we have listed here.

1. Aloft Cupertino — California, USA

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As the name suggests, Aloft Cupertino is in Cupertino, which is also the home of Apple. It is part of the Starwood hotel chains. Maybe the most remarkable thing about this hotel is that it has tiny robots called Botlrs, which, as you might guess, are the smart butlers in the Aloft hotel. They are used for almost anything – assisting you at the front office, navigating you through the hotel, and even taking care of your comfort of having clean towels at the pool. 

Those little robots might not look like you would imagine a really powerful and smart robot but believe us, they are very smart. They operate on a combination of sensors and WiFi/4G connectivity. Like this, they communicate with each other and can even predict when and where someone might need them. This is how they know when not to go around where the hallways are bustling but appear just when you need them. 

But those are not the only robots you will see in the hotel. Other ones are called Savioke. They are responsible for the client’s service like delivering your meals or other amenities you might need. 

2. Kameha Grand — Zurich, Switzerland

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Kameha Grand is a bit different than the usual high-tech hotels because you have more space in your room. But it is still very high-tech and fascinating. It features various themes in the rooms and common areas, and you will be actually able to choose which one you want. One of the most wanted ones is the space-themed suite. 

The space-themed apartment will make you feel like you are in an actual space station. The ceiling and the floors are made to look like the moon’s surface, and the bed seems like it is just floating in midair. You will also find a spacesuit in your suite that includes a live feed of NASA’s mission control center. The ambiance is perfect for lovers of space and stars. The pictures on the wall are of astronauts, and there is a tiny spaceship model in the middle of the room.

This hotel will also offer you a lot of cool common spaces. There is a SPA center in the hotel and fitness that is actually called the Techgym because of the high-tech workout equipment. Kameha Grand is a more luxurious high-tech hotel that you will fall in love with. 

3. Blow Up Hall 5050 — Poznan, Poland

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Blow Up Hall 5050 is maybe one of the top 50 most unique hotels in whole Europe. Even though it is considered a pet project of Grazyna Kulczyk (the richest woman in Polan), it is not something she took lightly as a project. The hotel is next to one of the biggest shopping malls globally and is a place you should visit. 

It might be a bit stressful in the beginning when you enter because you won’t find the front desk. Because there isn’t one. This is not a traditional hotel where you will have someone to help. The help you will get is from an iPhone that you will be able to get when you enter the hotel. On it, you will have an app that will assist you with navigating through the hotel and controlling almost anything in your room.

4. Prizeotel Hamburg-City — Hamburg, Germany

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Prizeotel Hamburg-City is a really colorful and cheerful hi-tech focus hotel in Hamburg, Germany. When you look at it from the outside, you might not expect exactly this. It is perfect for business or personal travels. In the common room, you will see a lot of little pods in which you can sit and work on your laptop. 

The rooms are cozy and very hi-tech as well. You will enjoy a private bathroom with a floor-to-ceiling rain shower that will give you a great experience when you are taking a shower. Also, you will have a TV in your room with very high resolution and a music lamp that you can use as a speaker. 

5. The Peninsula ― Tokyo, Japan

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As the trend of high-tech hotels started in Japan, it is impossible not to mention at least one great hotel in Tokyo. The Peninsula is a fantastic place that combines the origins of high-tech hotels, the great Japanese culture, and the modern touch. You will be able to relax and recharge in this hotel thanks to the fantastic SPA and the comfortable rooms. 

The rooms include many tech-advanced benefits like bedside electronic control panels, humidity controls, mood lighting, black-out screens, and much more. And on top of that, you have an amazing SPA, high-tech fitness, and great common areas. 

6. City Hub ― Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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City Hub is a hotel that is sticking to the origins of the high-tech hotels but, of course, upgrading it thanks to the innovations we have now. You will be able to enjoy this place at a very reasonable price. It has the typical pods for high-tech hotels with a double bed and a small storage space. The bathroom is, however, a shared one. 

You will be able to take advantage of self-check-in, and you will receive their wristband that is the key to your pod and a fringe with draft beers. The hotel has a specially developed app that gives you a lot of tips on what to do in the city. 

7. Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel – Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel is a space-themed hotel that will make you feel like you are in a high-tech space station. The staff, of course, consist of robots that are very helpful with anything you might need. You will see the typical pod beds for a space station, and even the neon lights will make the ambiance even more real. 

You won’t get a room here; you will get a pod in a shared room with other visitors. Your pod will be equipped with air conditioning, TV, headphones, outlet, lamp, and a locker. You will have to share the bathroom with the other visitors. The robotic staff will bring you your meals or anything else you might need.

8. YOTEL – New York, USA


YOTEL is a unique hotel in New York. It has its own luggage concierge known as YOBOT. Almost any visitor enjoys seeing how it works at least once during their stay. You will easily check in with the self-service kiosks. 

There is a coworking space called KOMYUNITI, and there you can get some snacks or drinks. There is a gym that is equipped with Peloton bikes. Your room will first offer you a great view, a very comfortable SmartBed, and a great TV. Motion sensors control the air conditioning to achieve the perfect temperature.

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