Adventurers can now challenge Enraged Red Nose in Black Desert Mobile

Adventurers can now challenge Enraged Red Nose in Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss announced that a powerful new World Boss has arrived in Black Desert Mobile. Adventurers can now challenge Enraged Red Nose, whose raid requires higher-level skills and provides incredible rewards.

Red Nose is one of the first bosses that Adventurers must fight against when leveling up their characters. Looking for revenge for being defeated multiple times, Red Nose has returned again as Enraged Red Nose and now has more strength and power than ever before. 

Adventurers can encounter this monster in the Altar of Agris in the region of Balenos when they feel its rage across the lands. Enraged Red Nose is even harder to defeat as it performs a wide range of attacks that utilize its large body and range. Those who successfully knock down this enemy will have a chance to obtain the Red Nose Armor, which is an Abyssal-grade gear.

Apart from defeating this World Boss, there is still a chance of getting Abyssal-grade gear by crafting Abyssal-grade weapons and armor using World Boss Fragments. These fragments can be obtained by defeating World Bosses. 

In addition to the Enraged Red Nose update, Abyssal Lightstones are also now available in Black Desert Mobile. This new grade of Lightstones are stronger than others, offering Adventurers more powerful options to enhance their skills. They can get these new items by drawing and fusing Lightstones.

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