Afterpulse Latest Update: New Weapons

GAMEVIL‘s highly popular over-the-shoulder multiplayer shooter continues to receive tremendous support as the latest update released today comes with various new additions. In this update, Afterpulse introduced three new weapons, and two new veteran upgrades.

In Afterpulse, weapons come in different classifications such as standard, seasonal, veteran, and chrome. The veteran series are some of the most powerful and rare equipments in the game, represented by a black and red coating and increased game stats.

Two of the new additions are the veteran versions of the LMG AGK 37, and the SMG LSM 7. While three newest weapons are the AGL 660, a new grenade launcher, the TAVA XI, a new long range assault rifle, and the new pistol being added is the TK7.

New Weapons:

Veteran LMG ‘AGK 37’

Weapons: Veteran LMG ‘AGK 37’

Veteran SMG ‘LSM 7’

Weapons: Veteran SMG ‘LSM 7’

Grenade Launcher: AGL 660


Assault Rifle: TAV XI


Pistol: TK 7

Weapons: TK 7
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