Afterpulse Major Update: Custom Matchmaking Mode

GAMEVIL and Digital Legends Entertainment, have just released the next major update on Afterpulse! In the new update, there is a new map (Razed Fort), a new multiplayer game mode (Back to Back), and custom matchmaking mode.

The new map, Razed Fort, it is a desert themed map where players can battle it out in a deserted village turned military zone. The map consists of several collapsed buildings and obstructions, uneven ground levels, and an open trench stretching through the middle of the map. The new map has several vantage points for both long and close ranged strategies ideal for an intensive gaming experience.

Afterpulse - Razed Fort
Afterpulse - Razed Fort 3
Afterpulse - Razed Fort 2

On the other hand, the brand-new game mode, ‘Back to Back’, will be added to the already existing game modes: Death Match and Team Death Match. This game mode features four, two-person teams competing against each other in an all-out rumble. In this game mode, players will only have one other team member who they can depend on for support which makes team strategy an important factor in Back to Back.

After much anticipation, players are now able to set up custom matches, a feature highly requested by the Afterpulse community. Custom Play is a new game option in the Multiplayer menu. Players can either choose to join other players’ custom match or create their own Custom Match. When setting up a Custom Match, players will be able to customize different game options including the map, player count, type of game mode, and even set a cap to the rank of equipment that is allowed to bring into the battle. Also, players can now set the original 3-minute match timer up to a maximum of 15.

Afterpulse - Custom

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