Airfree Tulip Rediscover air steriliser with fun in playful colours

Airfree Tulip: Rediscover air steriliser with fun in playful colours

Airfree presents the Airfree Tulip – an air steriliser that combines efficiency with an elegant design. As the name suggests, Airfree Tulip is inspired by the shape of the tulip flower which is known for its beauty and variety of colours.

With a 30% smaller diameter than the classic line, the Tulip is ideal for families living in smaller spaces and it fits in perfectly with contemporary decors. Airfree Tulip emits ten different coloured lights that helps to create welcoming and inspiring environments that improve wellbeing and comfort. It incorporated a tactile sensor to control the intensity of the colour/light, on how the lighting feature operates. With its unique technology (patented TSS – Thermodynamic Sterilization System), Airfree’s air sterilisers promote air purification in indoor living or workplace environments, eliminating up to 99.99% of microorganisms and airborne allergens, fungi, bacteria and viruses.

By breathing better, you are guaranteed a better quality of life, with relief for rhinitis or asthma sufferers, and prevention of allergic diseases. Some of the main key features are: Airfree air sertilsers are safe, totally silent, accessibly-priced and environmentally friendly. The filterless technology makes them maintenance-free. Airfree Tulip will be available in Singapore at all official retail stores and online retailers such as LazMall, Shopee, Krisshop, Mothercare, Motherswork and from December 2021, and retailing at S$569.

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