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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Apple shifts focus to the affordable Vision Pro model and pauses Vision Pro 2 development

Apple focuses on a cheaper Vision Pro model, pausing work on Vision Pro 2, which might delay its launch beyond 2025.



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has reportedly adjusted its plans for the Vision Pro lineup, focusing on developing a more affordable version of its spatial computer. According to the industry newsletter The Information, Apple has instructed at least one supplier to pause work on the Vision Pro 2. This shift in strategy aims to allocate resources towards creating a cheaper model, which could delay Vision Pro 2's launch beyond 2025.

Focus on affordability

Apple's decision to redirect efforts towards a more budget-friendly version of the Vision Pro highlights the company's struggle to reduce component costs. The aim is to make the innovative technology more accessible to a broader audience. However, this has led to fewer resources being dedicated to the Vision Pro 2 project, suggesting its launch might be postponed further than initially planned.

Despite these efforts, some industry experts need clarification about the feasibility of an affordable spatial computer. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo doubts that Apple's advanced technologies and expensive components could make producing a significantly cheaper model challenging without compromising quality.

Plans for a budget-friendly model

Last year, Bloomberg reported that Apple was already working on a cheaper headset version, aiming for a 2025 release. This more affordable model will feature fewer and sensors, no Eyesight feature, a less powerful chip, and lower-quality screens. These compromises would help reduce the overall cost, making the product more accessible to a broader market.

The Future of Vision Pro 2

With the latest developments, the future of the Vision Pro 2 remains uncertain. Analyst Kuo predicts that it might not arrive until the second half of 2027 at the earliest. However, The Information believes that Apple will eventually resume work on the Vision Pro 2, although it could be years before it comes to market.

In conclusion, Apple's decision to focus on developing a cheaper version of the Vision Pro indicates a strategic shift aimed at making spatial computing technology more accessible. While this move might delay the Vision Pro 2, it shows Apple's commitment to innovation and expanding its product offerings to cater to different market segments.

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