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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Nikon unveils the new Z6III camera with top-tier features

Nikon releases the Z6III, merging Z8 and Z9 characteristics with innovative technology for superior photography and videography, ideal for both professionals and enthusiasts.



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Nikon Singapore launched the Z6III, a groundbreaking camera that integrates the high-end features of its Z9 and Z8 models into a mid-range full-frame device, setting new industry standards.

Cutting-edge technology enhances functionality

The Z6III is the first in its class to incorporate a partially-stacked CMOS sensor, enabling 3.5 times faster data readouts compared to its predecessor, the Z6II. This feature allows for high-speed continuous shooting, capable of Pre-Release Capture at up to 120 fps in DX format and 60 fps at 24 MP in FX format. The camera also boasts a high-resolution EVF with 5760k dots and 4000 cd/m2 brightness, providing a wide colour gamut that ensures smooth, clear viewing, even for fast-moving subjects.

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John Young, General Manager of International Marketing at Nikon Singapore, stated, “Designed to ignite the creativity of content creators and enthusiasts, the new Z6III embraces the spirit of our Z series, and embodies the build and functionality of the award-winning Z8 and Z9 cameras. By integrating innovative technology, such as the partially-stacked sensor and the brightest EVF, it elevates Nikon's dedication to deliver unrivalled functionality and performance.”

Rugged build and creative versatility

Constructed from Sereebo P series carbon fibre and magnesium alloy, the Z6III is robust and capable of operating in cold temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for photographers who face challenging outdoor conditions. The camera's heat dissipation and power efficiency enhancements allow for extended recording times up to 125 minutes in 4K UHD/60p format, which is ideal for capturing long like weddings or concerts.

Videographers will appreciate the flexibility offered by the Z6III, which can shoot in 12-bit ProRes RAW HQ and N-RAW formats for up to 6K resolution. The camera's integration with Nikon's NX Studio software provides Flexible Colour Picture Control, supporting intuitive adjustments for light and colour to reflect the user's creative vision, which can be previewed in real-time on the device.

Additionally, the Z6III stands out in low-light situations, supporting ISO levels up to 64000 for photos and 51200 for videos. Powered by the EXPEED 7 engine, it surpasses its predecessors in noise reduction, preserving intricate details in photos even under challenging lighting conditions.

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With these state-of-the- features, the Nikon Z6III is an excellent choice for both seasoned professionals and passionate enthusiasts eager to explore new possibilities in photography and videography.

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