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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

OPPO shines at top global AI conference with advanced technologies

OPPO stands out at CVPR 2024 with its AI research and new AI phones, reinforcing its role as a leader in AI phone technology.



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The globally acclaimed Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) began in Seattle, USA, drawing attention to groundbreaking advancements in the field of computer vision. OPPO emerged as a standout participant, presenting several cutting-edge research papers and debuting its innovative AI , the Find X7 Ultra and OPPO Reno12.

OPPO's research captures the spotlight with significant achievements

The OPPO Research Institute and its diverse R&D teams have had a successful year, with 11 papers accepted for presentation at CVPR. These works span crucial topics such as image restoration, digital human generation, and video segmentation. Among the notable projects is UltrAvatar, a revolutionary method for creating drivable 3D virtual humans from a single image or text, pushing the boundaries of virtual realism.

Billy Zhang, President of Overseas MKT, Sales and Service at OPPO, highlighted the company's active role at CVPR, stating, “OPPO is deeply engaged in the CVPR each year, and this year, our achievements are particularly noteworthy. AI has always been a pivotal area of investment for us, and the rising trend of AI phone enables us to innovate the user experience once again. CVPR provides an excellent platform for OPPO to discuss and exchange ideas with global partners about our latest advancements in computer vision and other AI-related fields.”

Innovative AI phone technologies draw acclaim

The Find X7 Ultra, OPPO's flagship AI phone, quickly became the centrepiece at the conference, showcasing the OPPO HyperTone Image Engine, the most advanced computational photography system available. This technology allows the Find X7 Ultra to capture exceptional photos with minimal computational resources. Another highlight was the OPPO AI Eraser, which lets users seamlessly edit out unwanted elements from images and insert new content effortlessly, making it a favourite feature among users.

Liang Jie, a senior imaging algorithm engineer at OPPO's Y-Lab, gave a presentation on the impressive AI imaging capabilities of the Find X7 Ultra, which have intrigued both the academic and industrial AI communities.

Commitment to democratising AI phone technology

OPPO continues to affirm its leadership in the AI phone market, having established the OPPO AI Center earlier this year to consolidate its AI research and development. The company's participation in major AI conferences worldwide, including , Google NEXT 24′, and Microsoft Build, alongside CVPR, reinforces its commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI phone technology.

OPPO plans to make AI features standard across approximately 50 million OPPO smartphones by the end of this year, broadening the accessibility of advanced AI functionalities. This strategy, combined with sophisticated technologies from partners like Google, Microsoft, and MediaTek, is set to propel OPPO's vision of leading a global movement towards the widespread adoption of AI phones.

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Nurin Sofia
Nurin Sofia
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