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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Notti Pet Food secures US$500K seed funding to enhance pet health standards in Southeast Asia

Notti Pet Food secures US$500K to improve pet nutrition and health in Southeast Asia, with ambitious plans for product innovation and market expansion.



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Notti Pet Food, a pioneer in Southeast 's pet food industry, has successfully raised US$500,000 in seed . This investment from 500 Global and First Move will propel the Malaysian company's efforts to expand its operations and launch innovative product lines in the Philippines and Singapore. This development is a significant milestone for Notti, which is dedicated to improving pet health and nutrition standards across the region.

Responding to the growing demand for high-quality pet food

As pet ownership increases in Malaysia—with over half of the population owning pets—a rising demand for quality pet food follows. The market, however, is currently saturated with lower-quality options that could negatively impact pet health. Notti aims to counter this trend by providing a superior alternative. Their products are made from 100% human-grade meat and are crafted through a unique slow-baking process at 90°C, which preserves the nutritional quality of the food more effectively than the high-temperature extrusion methods commonly used by other brands. This method ensures that pets are not only satisfied with their meals but are also receiving the essential nutrients they need. Additionally, Notti's offerings include fruits, vegetables, probiotics, and prebiotics, setting them apart from conventional pet foods that often rely on meat meals and vague labelling.

A deep commitment to pets and their owners

Keyee Yap, Founder of Notti Pet Food, passionately states, “Notti is more than just a brand; it embodies our belief that pets are not merely animals but cherished family members.” She underscores the company's commitment to offering meals that recognise and celebrate the profound bond between pets and their owners. Notti's products have received veterinary endorsements and meet the rigorous AAFCO Nutrient Standards, making them appropriate for pets of all ages, breeds, and sizes.

Khailee Ng, Managing Partner at 500 Global, commends Notti's strategic vision: “What begins as a pet food company is really a pet-focused company with a roadmap of multiple revenue streams and products. The team has experience building this in the past for humans, and as pet spending continues to grow, we're excited to be supporting this for pets alongside Notti!”

Audra Pakalnyte, Partner at First Move, shared her admiration for Notti's founder: “At First Move, we seek out founders with grit, deep know-how, and passion, and Ke Yee embodies all of these qualities. From our first meeting, it was clear that her commitment to solving real problems, innovating, and maintaining high standards in the pet industry was a driving force behind Notti. Her unwavering dedication to top-notch pet nutrition and improving pet well-being across Southeast Asia is truly inspiring, and we're excited to support Notti as they continue to grow and make a significant impact.”

Advocating for broader pet welfare

In addition to advancing pet nutrition, Notti is actively engaged in various welfare initiatives, including Trap-Neuter-Return programmes and campaigns that raise awareness and contribute to charitable causes, such as donating pet kibbles to animal shelters to aid the stray community. Currently available in over 100 pet shops across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, Notti aims to increase its presence to 200 distributors by the end of 2024, demonstrating its commitment to both pet health and business growth.

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