BenQ WiT Eye-Care Desk Lamp: Built-in ambient light sensor for the best reading experience

BenQ is well-known for its professional monitor lineup, and while it may not be a brand you generally connect with lighting, your next work light could result from some innovative R&D by this company. BenQ has created something peculiar in the form of the “WiT,” which the business claims are a moniker formed out of the words “wide,” “intelligent,” and “tailor-made.”

At first sight, this is not your typical desk lamp. The light unit is curved rather than the usual bar or spotlight shape. The light range would be broader due to this curvy LED light bar, illuminating your entire desk with its wide range.

An intriguing design with excellent aesthetics

The BenQ WiT e-reading lamp is a multi-function LED lamp with good bright light. It is intended for various purposes, including illumination over a screen for work, reading books, and hobbies—basically, anything at a desk where a good light source is required.

BenQ WiT Eye-Care Desk Lamp - 1

The lamp head is lengthy and curvy at the ends. It’s no wonder that BenQ refers to this as “Smile Curve tech.” An aluminum ring at the back of the lamp-head is touch-sensitive and used to turn the light on and off. The touch-sensitive region may allow you to choose between two ambient modes in addition to turning the lamp on and off.

BenQ WiT Eye-Care Desk Lamp - 7

The lamp emits light from several miniature LED bulbs. It includes a single knob that allows you to adjust the brightness of the light. By turning the knob, you may change the color of the lamp from 2700k to 5700k.

BenQ WiT Eye-Care Desk Lamp - 2

Great ergonomics to meet the needs of lighting from different angles

The lamp features a thick disc on the bottom that allows it to stand on a table. This works well; however, it takes up some space and is not remarkably moveable. Having said that, it provides good stability, ensuring that accidental knocks do not overturn your lamp.

BenQ WiT Eye-Care Desk Lamp - 4
BenQ WiT Eye-Care Desk Lamp - 3

BenQ correctly noted that what matters here is adaptability, not portability. In terms of flexibility, it is pretty decent. The bulb can be extended quite far, and the head may be rotated. In addition, the lamp is adaptable enough to be placed high above your work table, allowing you to find a comfortable reading or working position.

BenQ WiT Eye-Care Desk Lamp - 5
BenQ WiT Eye-Care Desk Lamp - 6

The curved backlight modules form a distinctive grin curve, evenly illuminating a 90cm reading space. The illumination range is 1.5 times larger than that of a standard desk lamp, so your field of vision is no longer restricted.

Technology for Eye Protection

WiT, like BenQ’s displays, safeguards your eyes with Flicker-Free, Low Blue Light and High Color-Rendering Proficiency, which is ideal for individuals who must work late at night for lengthy periods.

The verdict: BenQ WiT Eye-Care Desk Lamp

The BenQ WiT Eye-Care Desk Lamp certainly doesn’t leave much to be desired. It features good illumination, lighting settings to fit users’ needs, and wide coverage with changeable angles. The lamp never flickered during the testing, and the light was always even and consistent. The nicest feature is the wide light beam, which allows you to view everything on your desk without adjusting the lamp.

Aside from the price, the WiT Eye-Care Desk Lamp is a solid and long-lasting lamp that can save your eyes from strain and fatigue. It comes in blue, gold, and silver. The BenQ WiT Eye-Care Desk Lamp is available on Lazada and Shopee.

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