Black Desert SEA introduces New Legendary Dream Horse Mythical Diné 

Black Desert SEA introduces New Legendary Dream Horse Mythical Diné 

Pearl Abyss announced today that the new Legendary Dream Horse “Mythical Diné” has been added in Black Desert SEA. Starting today, an “Adventurer’s Month” event for all new, returning, and existing Adventurers will also take place on a weekly basis for four weeks. 

Possessing the glorious horn of its Diné forebears, the newly added Mythical Diné has sophisticated traits not only in appearance but also in performance, such as the ability to gallop over water and travel the open world of Black Desert faster. 

A male and female Diné, both at Lv 30 or higher, are required to breed a Mythical Diné. With these materials, Adventurers can try to obtain a Mythical Diné by attempting a Mythical Awakening using a “Mythical Censer” via the Stable Keeper of Stonetail Horse Ranch. 

To celebrate the new dream horse, an “Illusion of Mythical Diné” will appear in the major cities until May 31. Adventurers can interact with the illusion to acquire materials that are required to obtain a Mythical Censer. 

Adventurer’s Month has now begun in the world of Black Desert, offering various special events and contents each week during the period. For this week, a special login event and hot time event will begin. Adventurers are encouraged to login everyday to receive various rewards including a Mount Skill Selection Coupon, 100 Cron Stones, and an [Event] Enhancement Help Kit III.  

For next week, Adventurers can expect to enjoy the revamped hunting grounds along with special event that will provide an improved hunting experience  

Last but not least, Adventurers can now get the Black Desert package and game pass at a 50% discount on the official website and Steam until May 31. 

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