Cheaters on Call of Duty: Warzone will now be forced to play together

by Hugo Hsu

Soon, suspected Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters will have to play each other, Infinity Ward, the developer of the game announced. The game has been plagued with cheaters since it was released last month, so much that Infinity Ward had to turn off cross-play for Warzone to help stop PC cheats from ruining their game for console players.

Now, the developers are going a step further to stop cheating by forcing the cheats to play each other. They announced on Twitter. Additionally, players who report cheating players will be informed if the cheaters have been banned. The developers are also lining up additional security updates, which will help catch the cheaters. 

They announced that a new feature that will help players report a cheat is coming soon to killcam and spectator modes. They didn’t specify the specific time when the measures will be implemented, but it is expected to be this week.

The decision to match cheaters against each other is a wonderful idea, given that the developer has already banned 70,000+ players for cheating. They didn’t specify how long the cheaters will have to play each other and whether there will be an option to appeal or not.

The practice of matching cheaters to play each other is not new. We have already seen it in online games such as Dark Souls 2 and GTA Online. The aim of the practice is usually to give the cheaters a taste of their own medicine and not disrupt genuine players. Let’s hope that the cheaters will learn their lesson.

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