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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Demon Slayer: Everything you need to know before watching Mugen Train

Demon Slayer was a massive hit in 2019, and ever since it was released, anime fanatics were obsessed with it. A lot of them liked the plot, the action sequences, and the impressive animation. The 19th episode was a particularly interesting one because it really raised the bar when it comes to quality and the […]

Demon Slayer was a massive hit in 2019, and ever since it was released, fanatics were obsessed with it. A lot of them liked the plot, the action sequences, and the impressive animation. The 19th episode was a particularly interesting one because it really raised the bar when it comes to quality and the amount of work put into it. There are a lot of people that are still waiting for more content in this series. 

There's no release date for the second season yet; however, there's a canon movie named “Mugen Train” that was already released. So you have to wonder, what should you know about Demon Slayer before you watch Mugen Train? The anime has set up Mugen Train quite nicely, but many people are concerned about the main character and the way the overall arc was left not answering some important questions. 

Tanjiro, Zenitsu, And Inosuke have improved their Total Concentration breathing technique

Demon Slayer Mugen - 5

Our characters now have a lot of training done. They got to boost the Total Concentration breathing technique. Now they can battle the demons without that much of a hassle. Even if we have the same characters in Mugen Train, they are better trained and have many interesting moves and techniques.

There is a demon on the train

As the name suggests, the movie tells that there will be a massive conflict on a train. There is a scene on the 25th episode where a demon is attacking a woman on the train. As this shows. The train experience will not be an easy one. Most likely, the train is filled with demons that are trying to kill all the passengers. It definitely shows the unique perspective they are bringing to the table and the set of ideas. 

Enmu got more of the Muzan Blood

Demon Slayer Mugen - 4

Muzan is focused on killing all the other lower-ranking Kizuki after Rui and Kyogai died. While he did that without any mercy, the interesting thing is that he spared Enmu. What he did is he offered more of his blood, certainly more than was needed. However, Enmu survived the transfusion, which means he now has a lot more power. That means he is now the strongest demons we can see at this time. It's interesting to see how the entire experience will come up and adapt, but the results are definitely awe-inspiring.

Muzan promises Enmu to get even more blood if they are successful in killing Tanjiro

We still don't know a lot about Tanjiro and his family backstory. It's always a mystery, but at the same time, it's clear that he is a part of a mighty demon slayer lineage that was close to killing Muzan. In fact, the latter is scared by the encounter that promised Enmu even more blood if they get to kill Tanjiro. Which is something that we will get to see play out quite a bit in the Mugen Train, most likely. Since demons are vying for blood, it's extremely interesting to see how Enmu will try to eliminate Tanjiro. 

Tanjiro has a new fire breathing technique

Even if these techniques did not work against Rui, the truth is that you do get to learn a lot about the character and his powers. It's interesting to see how it all comes together, and the exciting thing is that Tanjiro managed to tap into his fire breathing technique during the final moments. Apparently, this is a skill that he can only use when he doesn't have any other option. It's still essential for him to do whatever he can to win and emerge victoriously. It's an interesting approach and one of those things that make a huge difference. 

Nezuko has Blood Demon Art

Demon Slayer Mugen - 2

Although it was somewhat unexpected, the truth is that Nezuko did manage to leave Tankiro's side, and she will come back. She has blood demon art, more specifically named exploding blood, which turns the entire thing into flames. It's fascinating because it brings in a great range of features and benefits while continually pushing the boundaries and bringing in an idea of success and growth all the time. We do expect this ability to be seen in Mugen Train.

Flame and fire breathing are not identical

Demon Slayer Mugen - 3

It's easy to think that the two powers are the same. That's not the case; instead, flame breathing is what Kyojuro Rengoku is specialized in. The technique is something that not even Hashiras have access to. It's one of those impressive things that many people will be interested in from the start, and in the end, it's certainly something that we will most likely encounter in Mugen Train. How will these powers be used? That's hard to know.

Shinobu offered Tanjiro as a recommendation for the mission

Shinobu saw that Tanjiro was committed to the Demon Slayer Corps, and she did let him know about the fire breathing technique. She actually recommended him for this mission, which is one of those things that really go to show the unusual and unique approach provided here. 

People living in this world still don't know anything

Yes, the Demon Slayer Corps are not recognized by the government, and they don't acknowledge the existence of demons either. This goes to show that they are dealing with some trouble right now, but in the end, the potential is there, and it can bring in front some incredible benefits. They get to operate in the shadows, but the overall process is also a tad challenging too.

Kyojuro Rengoku is upholding the rules of the Demon Corps 

Kyojuro Rengoku has no problem killing Nezuko and Tanjiro. Clearly, the main focus here is on acknowledging and understanding all the rules, which can be quite the issue. If the Demon Corps is saying something, then those rules will be followed, no matter how strange that might sound in the first place.

At the end of the day, we need to know a lot of things before going into Mugen Train. It's still interesting and a lot of fun to rewatch the content while we prepare for the new stuff, and it's one of those things that will impress us quite a bit!

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