Duplicate content checker: Free SEO tools for your website

Duplicate content checker: Free SEO tools for your website

Duplicate content is the type of content that has been copied from another source, while not a piece of originally-written information. If you publish your own written content in more than one place, then you are likely to have duplicate content online.

When there is similar content in more than one website around the Internet, search engines find it difficult to determine which content is relevant for the query on their search engine. The main aim of search engines is to produce the best possible search results for their users. 

When plagiarized content is found, it is excluded from the search engine queries. Search engines apply sanctions on such websites, and the web owners can suffer traffic losses. Popular search engines like Google prioritize websites according to the value of the site’s content. Therefore, with plagiarism, your website will not be visible to your potential customers anymore. In the worst case, the penalty of plagiarized content can be imposed.

Due to this reason, website owners should use a free online plagiarism checker to ensure the content they are uploading on their website is free from plagiarism and has not been used elsewhere.

Free online plagiarism checker

Since the Internet is flooded with websites and marketers use the content on the Internet in their marketing strategy, there is a high chance that you may be writing something that has already been discussed somewhere else. You might have penned down your thoughts from scratch, but it is always a good idea to pass your written article through a free online plagiarism checker before you publish it. Let’s take the example of a blogger who usually has to produce several blogs on the same topic. Since there are repetition and discussion of the same information, bloggers tend to write the same thought again and that too unintentionally. So, before you publish your content, use a free online plagiarism checker to make sure content is viewed as unique.

There are several essay checker tools or plagiarism checkers that have established their names in the market by providing quality services free of cost. Let’s take a look at some of the best tools we have in the market.


PlagScan is one of the most accurate tools that can give the best results. PlagScan not only checks content from the Internet but also from internal databases. You can upload multiple documents and check for plagiarism. Without installing anything on the computer, you just need a browser and an internet connection to get things working. However, PlagScan offers free usage for a limited trial only.


PaperRater is a cloud-based software that does not only allows you to check plagiarism but also lets you check grammar and can even automatically proofread your content. This free online plagiarism checker is particularly useful for students who can cross-check their grammar mistakes before the submission of their assignments. The software can produce instant results. However, with the paid version, you can upload documents containing more number of words.


DupliChecker, a fantastic free online plagiarism checker, will not even cost a penny. Whether you want to check your academic essays, university assignments, blogs, or even web content, this is the site to go for. The tool checks your content with 100% accuracy and compares it from all possible published content on web pages available on the Internet.


SmallSEOTools is by far the best free online plagiarism checker that you can trust. The tool does a line by line duplicate content check of your data. This plagiarism checker with percentage gives you an idea about the copied content in terms of percentage. In fact, the software will also detect the particular line that has been copied and will even take you to the source website through Google.

Since the SmallSEOTools allows you to check grammar along with plagiarism, the tool is particularly useful for students. Without consuming much of your time, you will have your data checked within minutes. Just visit their site, paste the content in the text box, or upload the document and hit “Check Plagiarism.” Within seconds, your document will be scanned, and you will get the plagiarism report.


Grammarly is a single online app that offers a range of services. Grammarly is not just an online plagiarism checking tool, but the software also checks grammar and spelling mistakes. It started in 2009 as a proofreading tool initially but now has come a long way and is offering a wide range of services. Many bloggers and marketers have been using the tool to make sure their content is unique to text from other websites.

While the tool is available for free, the website also offers a paid version of the software. With the paid version, you get to experience advanced grammar check and vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

Free online plagiarism checker: In a nutshell

These are some of the popular free online plagiarism checker tools that you can find in the market. You may also opt for the premium versions of a plagiarism checker that allows you to check plagiarism using advanced algorithms. However, the above ones are as good as the paid ones.

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