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Wednesday, June 26, 2024


Google revises guidelines on managing search ranking declines

Discover Google's refined strategies for managing fluctuations in search rankings, featuring updated guidance and new categorizations for better clarity.

Google confirms links are less critical for search rankings

Google's Gary Illyes reveals that links are now less critical for SEO, highlighting a shift towards more comprehensive ranking factors.

Understanding the impact of 503 status codes on SEO

Discover how Google's tolerance for brief 503 errors can influence your SEO strategy and site management.

Google lifts the lid on crawling: Quality content wins the race

Learn how Google's crawling priorities debunk the crawl budget myth, emphasising content quality and search demand for better SEO strategies.

Google addresses indexing delays impacting websites

Google addresses indexing delay impacting websites since January 31, 2024, causing content creators and publishers frustration.

Google removes page cache links: A shift in search results

Google retires page cache links: Discover the impact of this change and potential future changes in web search.

Google updates local search criteria, emphasising business hours

Google's local search now prioritises business operating hours, affecting visibility in local search results and highlighting the importance of up-to-date business hours.

The secrets to mastering TikTok SEO for greater reach

In a short span of time, TikTok has transformed from a fledgling app into a behemoth of the digital space. It's not just a...