Sunday, December 3, 2023


Google’s guidance on addressing 404 errors from external links

Explore Google's John Mueller's insights on handling 404 errors from inbound links, distinguishing between those worth fixing and those better left unresolved.

Google advises mastering SEO basics before chasing new trends

Google's Search Relations team emphasises mastering basic technical SEO and focusing on content quality over traffic for effective SEO performance.

Google presentation may bring new insights into search ranking

Discover how Danny Sullivan's presentation may alter our understanding of Google's search rankings, emphasising a broader interpretation of SEO guidelines.

Bing adopts GPT-4 for custom search snippets

Microsoft's Bing introduces GPT-4-powered custom search snippets, promising more informative SERPs but raising questions for SEO strategies.

Google introduces new markup for educational videos

Google's new structured data for educational videos improves search results, allowing users to find relevant content faster and publishers to gain more visibility.

Google reviews update November 2023 on the horizon

Google announces a significant update to its reviews system, set to introduce ongoing improvements and potentially quicker recovery for rankings.

Google finalises transition to mobile-first indexing

Google completes its shift to mobile-first indexing, enhancing user experience by prioritising mobile pages during crawling and indexing and making alterations to its Search Console.

IndexNow marks its second anniversary with a whopping 1.4 billion daily URL submissions

Celebrating its second year, IndexNow is growing rapidly with 60 million new websites daily and 1.4 billion URL submissions. Learn how it's making search engine updates more efficient.