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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Google clarifies its communication strategy in search updates

Explore why Google selectively communicates about its search updates and how understanding this can aid your long-term SEO strategy.

has a selective approach to communicating about its search engine updates, focusing mainly on significant broad-core algorithm changes, while smaller adjustments often go unannounced. This was highlighted by Danny Sullivan, Google's Search Liaison, in response to questions about the recent volatility following the company's March core update.

The inquiry from Glenn Gabe, a digital marketing expert, pointed out the unexpected fluctuations that seem to reverse the effects of major updates. Gabe noted the considerable impacts observed on May 3 and continued through to May 9, which left many site owners puzzled and seeking clarity.

Why doesn't Google announce all updates?

Sullivan explains that Google implements approximately 5,000 updates annually across its various search ranking algorithms and components. Most of these are minor tweaks, which he suggests would not warrant individual announcements due to their frequency and limited impact.

He argues that such frequent updates, although minor individually, can accumulate to create noticeable shifts in search rankings and traffic, which can be challenging for sites to decipher.

Beyond just algorithmic updates, Sullivan also pointed out that fluctuations in search results could stem from the ever-evolving nature of web content itself. The information processed by Google's ranking systems is dynamic and continuously updated based on new web content, which means the landscape of search results is always changing.

Despite the continuous updates, Google's strategy is to prioritise communication on major changes rather than providing a constant stream of updates on minor tweaks. Sullivan suggests that the latter could overwhelm creators with information that offers little actionable insight.

Why this matters to SEO and businesses

For businesses and publishers that depend heavily on search traffic, understanding Google's approach to search updates is crucial. It underscores the importance of maintaining a long-term strategy that focuses on producing high-quality, relevant content rather than reacting hastily to every minor update.

While Google's communication method may sometimes leave businesses scrambling to adapt to ranking changes, more detailed insights into these adjustments could be extremely beneficial. Knowing the nature of these updates could help in setting more realistic expectations following major updates, preparing them for potential fluctuations as Google's algorithms adapt to new and changing web data.

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