How to personalize your messaging to convert customers

by Smarty

Whether it’s through email, text messages or push notifications, businesses are now able to message and interact with customers in a wide range of ways. However, this means that brands have more competition when trying to reach customers. It’s therefore essential that content is engaging and innovative but even more important, content must be personalized. 

Users want and expect marketing messages to be targeted to their interests. 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from companies who invest in personalization messages and become frustrated with brands who don’t. 

This confirms the power of personalization and when done right, this effective communication tool increases brand loyalty, engagement and conversions and customer retention. By using customer data such as previous purchases and demographics, businesses can tailor their digital marketing strategies to their audience’s unique and specific needs. It’s a win for both marketers and customers. 

Discover how your business can increase sales and brand loyalty with personalization as well as more top tips in this CleverTap infographic. 

How to personalize your messaging to convert customers - Infographic

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