How to write better headlines [Infographic]

How to write better headlines for your online content

Writing good content is one thing, but it’s another to get that content read and ranked on search. As a content marketer, you can win the battle for engagement by simply making your headlines irresistible. The headline is one of the key factors that grabs your reader’s attention and keeps this attention all the way through to the first line of copy. It is very crucial, as only about 20 percent of your prospective readers will make it past the headline to read your content.

Without a compelling promise that transform a browser into a reader, the rest of your content may as well not even exist. Therefore, from a copywriting and content marketing standpoint, writing great headlines is a critical skill for a good content marketer.

There’s a certain science to writing better headlines. Some headline templates may work better than others. For instance, studies have shown that informative headlines like lists (those that start with numbers), how-to, and guides tend to get more engagements.

This infographic below from Feldman Creative and Infobrandz spells out the 26 tactics bound to help you improve your headline writing skills. Pick a few of the 26 tactics; then, mix and match them to create unique, compelling headlines that readers will want to click on.

How to write better headlines for your online content - Infographic
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