Microsoft says Teams now has 13M daily active users

In brief: Microsoft says Teams now has 13M daily active users

  • Teams, Microsoft’s two-year-old Slack competitor, is the company’s fastest-growing application in its history.
  • Microsoft today also announced actual user numbers for the service ahead of its Inspire partner conference next week.
  • Teams now has 13 million active daily users, Microsoft said, and 19 million weekly active users.
  • Microsoft also today said that Teams is now in use by 91 of the Fortune 100 companies.
  • The company isn’t afraid of putting those numbers up against Slack, which IPOed only a few weeks ago.
  • The last official number from Slack is that it had 10 million daily active users in January.
  • Without update numbers from Slack, it’s hard to say if Teams now has more users, but unless Slack’s growth accelerated in recent months, that’s probably the case.
  • In addition to disclosing these numbers, Microsoft also announced a number of updates to Teams that range from features like priority notifications, which take the annoyance of chat notifications to a new level by pinging you every two minutes until you respond, to read receipts, new moderation and cross-posting options for Teams channels and a time clock feature that lets employees clock in and out of work shifts right from the Teams mobile apps.
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