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Tuesday, May 21, 2024


Intel’s Lunar Lake chip is set to enhance AI PCs later this year

Intel’s Lunar Lake chip enhances AI PCs, offering 1.4x faster performance than the Snapdragon X Elite. Set for Q3 release, with 40 million units targeted.

Microsoft to unveil Surface devices powered by Snapdragon X Elite alongside Copilot updates

Microsoft will unveil new Surface devices with Snapdragon X Elite and Copilot updates at Build 2024, focusing on AI advancements and enhanced features.

Microsoft experiments with a new floating widget feature for the Windows 11 Start menu

Microsoft is testing a new Start menu feature in Windows 11 that introduces floating widgets, potentially enhancing functionality and user interaction.

Microsoft seeks innovative games like Hi-Fi Rush following the studio’s closure

Microsoft emphasises the need for innovative, award-winning games like Hi-Fi Rush amidst strategic shifts and studio closures.

Microsoft introduces ‘air gapped’ AI for handling top-secret information

Microsoft has launched a secure 'air gapped' AI model for top-secret data, operating on a government-only network without internet connectivity.

The Xbox app on Windows enhances handheld usability

Discover the latest updates to the Xbox app on Windows, enhancing the handheld gaming experience with new navigation features.

Microsoft enhances the Edge browser with new features and security updates

Microsoft updates Edge with a new internet speed test and security fixes, enhancing functionality and challenging Chrome's dominance.

Microsoft refines Copilot AI features in Windows 11 following user feedback

Microsoft pauses new Copilot AI features in Windows 11 to refine them based on user feedback, ensuring existing functionality.