In brief: Singapore’s government will give every citizen a free Fitbit, with a catch

by Smarty
  • In an effort to encourage a healthier lifestyle, Singapore’s government has partnered with Fitbit to offer its citizens free fitness trackers.
  • Under the country’s national health program — Live Healthy SG, hundreds of thousands of Singapore residents will soon be able to register to get a free Fitbit Inspire HR.
  • The activity band itself, which has a S$99 price tag, won’t cost a dime. However, in exchange, users will have to subscribe to Fitbit’s premium coaching service, which costs S$10 a month, for a year, according to CNBC.
  • On top of that, Singaporeans will have to agree to share whatever data the Fitbit collects with the country’s health board.
  • The data will shape future health programs as well as “enrich” the Board’s promos through relevant and practical insights, Singapore’s Promotion Health Board said.
  • On privacy, Fitbit claims that there will be a “clear and seamless consent process” and enrolled residents will know precisely what data they’re sharing with the government.
  • While participants won’t have an opt-out option specifically for data sharing, enrollment in the program will remain optional.
  • Singapore has a growing population of 5.6 million and Fitbit is expected to supply hundreds of thousands of fitness bands.
  • Singaporeans can pre-register for Live Healthy SG in September and the program is officially slated to debut in late October.

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