Japan to have a new Evangelion-themed train

by Felicia Calle

Japan will have yet another Evangelion train!

Back in 2015, Japan first launched its Neon Genesis Evangelion bullet train, which ran between Osaka and Fukuoka. The shinkansen featuring a design inspired by the popular Japanese animation series. “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” made its final run on Sunday, drawing crowds of fans to witness the last journey in 2018.

This time around, a new Evangelion wrapped train will run from Chubu Centrair International Aiport in Aichi Prefecture to Meitetsu Gifu Station in Gifu.

Like the first bullet train, this latest one is designed based on Evangelion Unit-01. And this Eva train will end its service on 9 March 2020. Merchandises such as backpacks and cups will also be sold.

Japan to have a new Evangelion-themed train - Map

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