Local community launches “I am a CCB” content website amidst the ”circuit breaker” period

Local community launches "I am a CCB" content website amidst the ''circuit breaker'' period

Novel Coronavirus or COVID 19 is affecting many countries, businesses, and livelihoods. While each state is facing a different set of circumstances amid the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is fighting a common enemy and should cooperate closely with one another.

Since the inception of the pandemic, panic buying to layoffs has been happening around the globe, and it’s not a surprise that most people would come into a consensus that the travel industry has been hit the hardest with travel bans and restrictions. So do other sectors such as Retails and Food & Beverage taking a massive dip in their revenue due to lockdowns everywhere.

Essential e-commerce stores that stock toilet paper, face masks and hand sanitizers are also in popular demand.

As the lion city (Singapore) moves into the ”circuit breaker” mode since April 7, most workplaces were shut, traffic was light, wet markets, hawker centers, and other eateries were open, but it was takeaways for all.

A local community decides to design and develop a content website called “I am a CCB” (Community Circuit Breaker), that features reliable content, deals, workout routines, as well as a collection of sentiments of how Singaporeans feel during this ”circuit breaker” period. The content can seem to be useful, engaging with a tint of Singaporean flavor. 

This initiative definitely caught our eye and proved to be a good source of information amidst this ”circuit breaker” period.

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