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Monday, June 24, 2024

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Microsoft clamps down on unofficial Xbox accessories

Microsoft takes a firm stance against unauthorised third-party Xbox controllers and accessories, giving users a two-week grace period before these devices are disabled. This could impact sales for third-party vendors.

In a recent move, Microsoft has decided to disable any third-party Xbox controllers and that aren't officially approved. This change targets devices not enrolled in the “Designed for Xbox” hardware partner programme. The news first emerged when a gamer shared their experience on Restera, a gaming forum. Upon connecting an unapproved Xbox-compatible controller, the user received a notification informing them of the impending ban.

What happens when you use an unofficial accessory?

As soon as you plug in an unauthorised accessory, you'll encounter error code 0x82d60002. Microsoft has elaborated on this in their support blog, stating that users will have a grace period of two weeks to continue using the unapproved device. After that, the accessory will be permanently disabled. The company suggests that you contact the seller of the controller to arrange for a return, making their stance quite clear.

The reasons behind the move

Speculation abounds as to why Microsoft is tightening the reins on third-party accessories. One possible motive could be the company's intent to clamp down on cheat devices like Cronus Zen, which have been a concern for other gaming companies as well. Another possibility is that Microsoft aims to boost of its own line of controllers and accessories by eliminating the competition.

Impact on third-party companies

Brook Gaming, one of the affected firms, has issued a statement committing to explore all possible solutions to this new policy shift. This move by Microsoft will likely result in decreased sales for Brook Gaming and other third-party vendors in the Xbox accessory market.

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Nurin Sofia
Nurin Sofia
Nurin Sofia is a news editor at Tech Edition. Her interest is in technology and startups, occasionally crunching news for gaming. Sofia enjoys playing video games, going on bike rides, and gardening when she isn't behind a keyboard.

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