More hunting grounds now available for treasure hunting in Black Desert SEA

by Smarty

Pearl Abyss announced today that additional hunting grounds are now available for treasure hunting in Black Desert SEA. With an increased Item Drop Rate this week, Adventurers can use this opportunity to find even more treasures than before. 

Adventurers will have a higher chance of obtaining items across all servers except Arsha. During the event period, they are encouraged to seek the rare treasures now available in additional hunting grounds such as Basilisk Den and Thorny Forest. 

The latest World Boss addition, Thundercloud Kutum, will also challenge Adventurers in a special event. The most powerful World Boss in Black Desert SEA will have guaranteed appearances at specific times until May 18, and a special title will be awarded to those who deliver the final blow.   

Adventurers can also play Black Desert SEA permanently. Permanent Access will be available for both new Adventurers and those playing Black Desert using a Guest Pass Coupon. Adventurers must reach level 50 with one of their characters in order to get Permanent Access.   

Find more information about Black Desert SEA on the official website at   

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