Powerful bosses invade Black Desert SEA

Powerful bosses invade Black Desert SEA

Pearl Abyss today announced that Black Desert SEA will be invaded by powerful bosses. Adventurers will need to prepare themselves well to face the many threats that will be thrown at them with this update.

As Black Desert SEA reaches the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Great Ocean Expansion, Adventurers can join in the celebrations with an exciting event that will challenge and reward everyone who participate. Lekrashan, a new sharklike field boss, has entered the waters of the Great Ocean, lurking beneath the surface and hunting its prey. It will appear in random locations, and players who put an end to its bloodthirsty hunt can obtain valuable rewards such as Cron Stones, Golden Coral Stones, Coral Fragments, and Pearl Necklaces.

The World Boss Isabella is also making a welcomed return as part of the many Halloween events that are being held in-game. Spooks will also haunt random areas all over the world of Black Desert, and special Halloween rewards will be available for those who banish them from this realm!

To top of the Halloween events, the ominous World Boss Kzarka, one of the first to be introduced in Black Desert, has attained a new form. Kzarka now has a chance to spawn in its “Nightmarish” form, becoming much more powerful but offering more precious rewards to those who can defeat it in its monstrous new form.

Last but not least, good news has arrived for Adventurers in the season server! Adventurers can now graduate from the season server once they have reached 228 Main Weapon AP and 291 DP. As a bonus, Perilla’s Star will be given as a special reward to those who graduate from this growth-oriented server.

Find more information about Black Desert SEA on the official website at sea.playblackdesert.com.

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