ROG Strix Scope RX: A gaming keyboard designed for FPS gamers

ROG Strix Scope RX A gaming keyboard designed for FPS gamers

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) launches a revolutionary gaming keyboard that features ROG RX Red Optical Mechanical Switches that give gamers consistent wobble-free keystrokes, superfast 1-millisecond response, and up to a 100-million-keystroke lifespan. This keyboard is exactly what every FPS gamers want — performance, features, and of course, dazzling looks.

The Strix Scope RX is the first optical-mechanical switch developed by ASUS, among the many “firsts” in ASUS’ to-do-list in 2020, and they managed to launch the Strix Scope right before the year ends.

ROG Strix Scope RX - 1

Simple and sleek design with IP56

The layout of the ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX is somewhat similar to the ASUS ROG Strix Scope and ASUS ROG Strix Scope PBT that was released last year. The Strix Scope RX is a full-size keyboard with aluminum finishing, with a dimension of 440 x 137 x 39 mm and weighing 1.07kg.

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The durable aluminum alloy top plate provides structural rigidity to give gamers long-lasting and reliable performance. At the same time, it features a clean-looking charcoal alloy face that gives off a premium feel to the keyboard.

When designing the Strix Scope RX, the team studied FPS gamers’ play styles and their interactions with the gaming keyboard. The Ctrl key on the Strix Scope RX is wider than usual, allowing it to be easier to reach and hit. This design is also proven to help gamers with short fingers that had a hard time pressing the Ctrl key. We all know that matches can be won or lost from minuscular errors such as missing or slipping off the Ctrl key, but not with the ROG Strix Scope RX

ROG Strix Scope RX - 8

Simultaneously, the unique Stealth key, marked with an iconic cloaked-figure keycap, instantly hides all apps and mutes all audio, assuring instant privacy. A simple tap engages it, and another tap brings the (hidden) apps and audio back up.

ROG Strix Scope RX - 6

Also built for productivity, the ROG Strix Scope RX also sports a Quick-Toggle switch that allows users to toggle the top row between Media or Function (Fn) key input ― so it’s easy to shift from gaming to daily use.

Comes with industry-leading IP56 dust and water resistance, this keyboard is well-protected from accidental spills and dust, making your keyboard longer lasting.

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To make things easier for you when you are about to transfer data with a flash disk or external storage, ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX comes equipped with a USB 2.0 port that can be used to transfer data and many more. You can plug in any compatible device, including your gaming mouse, headset, or even your mobile phone, to charge or transfer files. 

ROG RX Optical Mechanical Switches, perfect for gaming

The key feature of the new ROG Strix Scope RX is the ROG RX Optical Mechanical Switches. That is where the Strix Scope RX really piqued our interest; incorporating optical technology is perhaps the most significant evolution we have ever witnessed in the mechanical switch.

ROG Strix Scope RX - 9

The premium ROG RX Red Optical Mechanical Keyboard Switches used in ROG Strix Scope RX is the first to feature a hollow-square stem design with embedded RGB LEDs that provide all-around per-key lighting. The unique design delivers near-zero debounce delay to deliver an instantaneous activation the moment a key is pressed. The hollow-square stem and X-stabilizer mechanism provide consistent wobble-free keystrokes and remarkable durability with up to a 100-million-keypress lifespan.

ROG Strix Scope RX - 5

Developed by ROG with extensive research, rigorous testing, and fine-tuning has resulted in switches with a 1.5mm actuation point for lightning-fast inputs. The leap in performance and durability is genuinely a game-changer, and there’s no doubt that ROG has developed one of the most advanced optical switches on the market.

Playing DOOM Eternal and Apex Legends with the keyboard is fantastic as it provides a smooth and linear feel to give you a near-instantaneous response the moment you strike the key.

Aura Sync with vibrant backlight

If you love RGB lighting, then ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX is the right gaming keyboard for you. The vibrant backlight illuminates the keyboard from bottom to top and on every edge of the keys. Powered by Aura Sync, integrated into Armoury Crate, you can easily create custom macros and control the RGB illumination with ease, that includes your Philips Hue setup.

ROG Strix Scope RX - 4

The lighting is easily synced with the extensive Aura ecosystem to create a gaming environment that shines.

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The verdict: ROG Strix Scope RX

The ROG Strix Scope range has been built for FPS gamers, so it should come as no surprise that the new ROG Strix Scope RX is a beast of a keyboard in the market today. Packed with a host of features such as Anti-Ghosting, 1000Hz polling rate, 1ms response input, USB pass-through, as well as its revolutionary ROG RX Optical Mechanical Switches, this keyboard sets the foundation is every FPS gamers need.

The ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX is everything we love from the standard Strix Scope range but more. The precision and response of every key are great. The switches are comfortable for both gaming and typing. FPS gamers will love the enlarged L-Ctrl key, an iconic feature of the Strix Scope range.

  • Design
    8/10 Very good
  • Performance
    9/10 Amazing
  • Features
    8/10 Very good
  • Price
    7/10 Good
Total Score

The Good

  • Stylish, solid design
  • IP56 dust and water resistance
  • USB pass-through

The Bad

  • Software setup takes a while to install
  • No wrist rest
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