Summer Festivities to continue at Terrmian Waterpark in Black Desert SEA

by Smarty

Pearl Abyss announced that Adventurers can continue to enjoy their summer at the long-awaited Terrmian Waterpark, now available in Black Desert SEA. They can also end their Summer Season experience by graduating early and receiving completion rewards. 

Adventurers can now spend the rest of their summer at Terrmian Waterpark, which has made a welcomed return with more exciting festivities. Open until August 26, Terrmian Waterpark will offer more than ten event quests, including various minigames where Adventurers can collect Terrmian Coins and Terrmian Seals. These coins and seals can then be used to purchase cosmetic decorations and exclusive in-game items. 

The Summer Season has come to an end for Adventurers, who have had their fill of the Season server. They can now graduate early and convert their season characters to regular characters. Graduating Adventurers who complete a unique quest can also receive the spring season completion rewards, including PEN (V) Capotia accessories and Advice of Valks. 

Furthermore, Naderr’s Band, an ancient spell uncovered by the sorceresses of Tarif, has been updated. This spell allows Adventurers to exchange their enhancement chances through the Black Spirit. Those who reach level 58 can complete the quest series and get rewards to add a slot to the band. 

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