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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Apple will unveil the second-generation AirTag next year

Apple is set to release a second-generation AirTag with improved location tracking in mid-2025, featuring an enhanced chip for better performance.

Lumen Technologies expands cybersecurity services in Asia Pacific

Lumen Technologies expands its Advanced MDR services in Asia Pacific, enhancing cybersecurity with proactive threat detection and advanced analytics.

Microsoft secures the largest renewable energy deal to power AI growth

Meta description: Microsoft secures a record 10.5 GW renewable energy deal to support its AI growth and achieve its 2030 carbon negativity goal.

Hackers use developing countries to test new ransomware strains

Explore how cybercriminals trial new ransomware in developing countries before launching attacks in more developed regions.

Elastic’s research shows conversational search is linked to productivity gains in Singapore

Around half (49%) of Singapore IT decision-makers believe search-powered generative AI could save employees at least two days per week.

Singapore and Shenzhen enhance Smart City ties with 14 new ventures

Singapore and Shenzhen strengthened their smart city collaboration with 14 new projects and eight MOUs, deepening their digital innovation partnership.

TikTok reaches the US$10 billion milestone, a first for non-gaming apps

TikTok surpasses US$10 billion in user spending, first for non-gaming apps, highlighting its success and ByteDance's continued growth.

Amazon bolsters its China e-commerce approach as rivals Shein and Temu gain ground

Amazon steps up its e-commerce strategy in China with new initiatives to support Chinese merchants, facing stiff competition from Shein and Temu.