TikTok donates US$375M in coronavirus aid

TikTok donates US$375M in coronavirus aid

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause havoc across the world, TikTok has been one place that a lot of people have been using to respite from their worries. This platform has it all, from viral videos to quarantine-friendly workouts to keep fit.

TikTok, currently owned by the Chinese Internet Company, ByteDance, is now taking a step further in this fight against COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent statement that was published on TikTok’s social media page, the president of the company, Alex Zhu, announced that they would be donating US$375 million in the fight against COVID-19.

“The TikTok community is uplifting one another, caring for one another, and lending a hand to one another.” Zhu added, “we want to magnify all we are seeing across our community and translate it into concrete relief for those most affected by this crisis.”

US$250 million of the contribution will go to front-line medical workers, community relief programs, and educational efforts. A total of US$150 million will be used for medical supplies, staffing, and hardship relief for health workers, including a partnership with the CDC Foundation to donate US$15 million for surge staffing within local response efforts.

TikTok said that US$40 million would go to the local organizations that reflect the users of the TikTok platform, which include nurses, musicians, artists, families, and educators.

This donation is to be used across the world, but it will be primarily given to local organizations, including MusicCares and After-School All-Stars in the States, a statement from a TikTok spokesperson revealed.

“In an emergency, speed saves lives, and we are extremely grateful to TikTok for stepping forward to support surge staffing that is needed to meet rapidly emerging demands identified by state and local health departments,” the CEO and president of CDC Foundation, Judy Monroe said, according to a  statement.

The company will also allocate an additional US$10 million for matching TikTok user donations, plus another US$50 million that will be used to support the “TikTok Creative Learning Fund,” through grants to professional experts, educators, and non-profits focused on distance learning.

Additionally, the company will donate US$100 million in ad credits to medium-sized and small businesses “to help companies get on their feet once economies are able to restart normal activities,” Zhu’s statement stated.

However, this donation is pending a decision from health authorities on when normal business operations will restart, which means the program will most probably roll out in the coming months.

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