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Fall Guys has been taking the world by storm; this casual pseudo-competitive battle-royale is filled with mini-games that you can enjoy with your friends. As you probably know, Fall Guys is a new battle-royale on the market, except it doesn’t require you to jump out of a flying bus or airplane, and doesn’t need you to land or loot items. Instead, Fall Guys operates on a mini-game system, those who qualify to the next round advance to the next round, players who fail to qualify are knocked out of the game and must start again. If you’ve ever heard of the game or show Wipeout, it’s similar in a sense. Fall Guys has seen increasing popularity ever since it’s release, and is currently still getting huge viewership on streaming websites such as and Youtube. 

What is Fall Guys about anyway?

Fall Guys is a new casual multiplayer online battle-royale type game that can be played and enjoyed by multiple age groups. 60 players are put into a lobby where they compete in a mini-game after the round is over those who were unable to finish the game and make it to the next cut are eliminated. As the game progresses, the mini-games progress with fewer and fewer players advancing to each round. 

After a handful of players have been eliminated, a final level will become available, with a single victor. By winning matches, crowns are awarded, which can be traded in for costume items, emotes, etc. Players who don’t win earn the in-game currency called Kudos, which can also be exchanged for other costume items, emotes, etc. 

As you play the game and progress through your game, you’ll level up, which award you skins and other items. Like most other battle-royales, the game has a seasoned mechanic where new items, emotes, awards, and other items are refreshed repeatedly. This is similar to that of a battle-pass in most other battle royale games.

Where can I play Fall Guys 

Fall Guys can currently be played on PlayStation 4 and PC, and can be played by all age ranges. You can either queue up by yourself or with friends; third-party chatting services may also be used if you want to communicate with your friends. 

Pro Fall Guys tips

There are currently 24 Fall Guys levels and are split up between survival, races, team rounds, and the final round.


Jump Club – This is remarkably similar to a Wipeout mini-game; players stand on a large disc with two rotating bars. These bars knock over anyone who gets hit by them. For the best chance at winning this, you’ll want to stay put and jump

Block Jump – Stay in the middle, move when you need to and go back to the middle position, so you’re able to move around more easily with the least amount of distance.

Tail Tag – Some players start with a tail, and others don’t just try and keep your distance close to get a tail. Ensure that you have a tail before the timer runs out.

Roll Out – Keep moving between the platforms and try to stay on the center’s edges.

Perfect Match – It’s a simple game that has you memorize tile patterns and replicate them. If you want to improve at the game, try and memorize a single fruit first and slowly build up to multiple fruits. If you keep playing Perfect Match and memory games, you’ll naturally be better at them.


Door Dash – In this game, you’re going to have to choose the correct door to go through; instead of running through the doors, you should dive through the doors to avoid other players pummeling you into the door just in case it’s a false door.

Gate Crash – Gate Crash is similar to Door Dash yet different as the doors go up and down instead of bashing right through, Make sure you’re near the middle-upper portion of the pack

Dizzy Heights – Jump before the bump at the edge of the platform disc; this will allow you to move onto the next disc efficiently.

Fruit Chute – Stay in the middle and jump over the log when you need to; you don’t have to move around that much.

See Saw – Try to stay near the middle of the seesaw. Try to jump on the seesaws that aren’t rapidly moving up and down. If you jump when the seesaw is heavily skewed to one side, you might miss and fall. If you fall and are behind, you might want to use the dive function, allowing you to move between sees. 

Hit Parade – Head to the left and turn the left side of turnstiles to the right side; on the wrecking ball, stay in the middle of the path and time the wrecking balls correctly.

The Whirlygig – Use the grab function, which allows your player to grab onto things and other players to climb up more efficiently. 

Slime Climb -Slime rises exceptionally quickly, so you’ll have to outrun the slime and be wary of the obstacles. The best way to approach Slime Climb is to use the grab button again and use the beginning platforms to climb up efficiently.

Tip Toe – Tip Toe is pretty tricky as it only has one correct path. It is suggested that you don’t stand on the edge as players can push you off. You can attempt to find the correct path yourself, but that is extremely risky; it is recommended that you follow others that make the trek to find the path.


Egg Scramble – Egg Scramble has everyone on the map fighting and pushing for eggs into their respective goals. You should always attempt to go for the golden eggs. If you’re a defensive player, try to stay in your own goal and prevent any of your eggs from leaving your goal.

Fall Ball – Fall Ball is similar to soccer, where players attempt to hit balls into the other team’s net. You should always have a goalkeeper if your team doesn’t already have one think about taking up the role. Furthermore, it would help if you stayed in the center. It’ll help you get more touches overall.

Jinx – This game is pretty random as those who are Jinxed increase extremely randomly, this game is pretty much chance. Just try and stay away from those who are jinxed. If you’re jinxed yourself, try and jinx others.

Hoopsie Daisy – Dash around the map and watch out for open hoops, If you already see someone going for the same hoop, just leave it you’re wasting your time. 

Hoarders – Hoarders is another game that’s hugely random, just try to get as many balls onto your side as possible.

Team Tail Tag – This game is similar to that of regular Tail Tag; again it’s a game of chance.

Rock N Roll – Try to push the ball to either side in the beginning extremely quickly, continue pushing with your team, and don’t leave the ball. 

Final Rounds

Hex-A-Gone – This is one of the most popular of final rounds as every time you touch a hexagon, it disappears. A tip for this game is either getting to the bottom layer, knocking out all of the spaces as fast as possible, going slowly and jumping to large portions of the hexagons, and isolating yourself. Then jump to each hexagon slowly to ensure that you’re on the top layer.

Royal Fumble – Similar to Tail Grab Royal Fumble is also another game of chance and luck. Not much to supplement Royal Fumble.

Fall Mountain – Fall Mountain is a race with multiple obstacles as you trek the mountain. The goal is the grab the crown at the end of the map. Use the grab button when you’re jumping. Our biggest tip here is, if you get there first, don’t forget to use the grab button as you jump to touch the crown. Just touching it doesn’t work.

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