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What marketers can learn from the top grossing apps?


Research shows that global app spending will grow to US$270 billion in the next four years from the costs of subscriptions, in-app purchases, and more. With this constant trend, marketers can learn from streamlining and understand why these apps have been skyrocketing in downloads. 

As marketers examine the top-grossing apps, they can gather the successful tactics that booming apps utilize and implement these practices into their businesses and careers.

Free, paid, and grossing apps

These three kinds of apps are different in their prices and downloads.

  • Top free apps include the most downloaded apps with a cost of US$0. TikTok, Paparazzi, and are the top 3 free apps in the Apple Store.
  • Top paid apps include the most downloaded apps with a cost greater than US$0. Minecraft, HotSchedules, and Bloons TD 6 are the top 3 paid apps in the Apple Store.
  • Top-grossing apps are apps with the highest total amount of revenue. Youtube (subscriptions), HBO Max, and Roblox are the top 3 grossing apps in the Apple Store.

Profitable app categories

For marketers striving to earn revenue in a category that will appeal to a specific industry, it is crucial to consider the most profitable app categories. Here are are the current most profitable categories:

  • Dating
  • Gaming
  • Fitness
  • Media and entertainment
  • Social media

Successful app revenue cases

There are a ton of successful apps in the Apple App Store. Although, examining two of the top-grossing apps, TikTok and Roblox, allows marketers to hone in on marketing skills and techniques that lead to success.

  • Roblox: Available to gamers of all ages, the game's community attitude and contribution of in-app purchases make it so profitable. Offering a database of thousands of games makes this app particularly attractive.
  • TikTok: This free app and its influencer and celebrity marketing make it highly profitable, with revenue coming in around US$7 billion. 

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What marketers can learn from the top grossing apps - Infographic

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Vanessa Koh
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