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Monday, April 22, 2024

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Xiaomi unveils the SU7, setting its sights on Tesla

Xiaomi officially launches the SU7, aiming to challenge Tesla with superior features, intelligent driving, and a vision for the future.

Today marks a monumental day for Xiaomi as they officially rolled out the much-anticipated Xiaomi SU7 during a press conference. Xiaomi's CEO, Lei Jun, took centre stage to unveil the car that aims to challenge Tesla's dominance in the electric vehicle (EV) market. Priced starting at 215,900 yuan, the SU7 promises a mix of high performance, intelligent driving features, and a competitive edge with a 700-kilometer range on a single charge.

A closer look at the Xiaomi SU7

Lei Jun presented three variants of the SU7, each designed to cater to different preferences and budgets. The lineup includes the standard version, which boasts rear-wheel drive and an extended range for intelligent driving and starts at 215,900 yuan. For those seeking something more advanced, the SU7 Pro and SU7 Max are available at 245,900 yuan and 299,900 yuan, respectively, and offer enhanced features and performance.

The announcement comes amid Lei Jun's commentary on Tesla‘s bold move to increase prices, underscoring the stiff competition and high stakes in the EV market. Despite the pressure, many EV manufacturers, except for Tesla, grapple with significant losses, highlighting the sector's challenging economics. Xiaomi's CEO referenced Tesla's impressive financials from 2023, with 1.81 million vehicles sold and an operating profit of US$8.89 billion, to shed light on the industry's profit margins.

Beyond the numbers: Xiaomi's vision for the SU7

Lei Jun took the opportunity to address potential concerns about the SU7's pricing, emphasising its superior features and quality compared to rivals like the Tesla Model 3. He acknowledged the high procurement costs at the launch phase and reassured customers that the SU7 would offer unmatched value.

Moreover, Lei Jun highlighted Xiaomi's intelligence and ecosystem integration strengths, asserting its readiness to support Apple's ecosystem and lead in the era of intelligent vehicles. With a goal to rank among the top in intelligent driving technology by 2024, Xiaomi has already covered significant ground with 10 million kilometres of real vehicle road tests and 250 million kilometres of simulation tests.

The event also underscored Lei Jun's network and influence in the automotive industry. Key figures like NIO's William Li, XPeng Motors' He Xiaopeng, and Li Auto's Li Xiang were in attendance, showcasing industry solidarity.

The journey ahead for Xiaomi

Lei Jun reflected on Xiaomi's ambitious leap from smartphones to automobiles, envisioning the SU7 as not just a car but a dream vehicle that rivals luxury brands like Porsche and Tesla. This venture represents a crucial step towards a fully integrated ‘people-car-home' ecosystem, reinforcing Xiaomi's commitment to innovation and quality.

Xiaomi's bold entrance into the automotive industry, backed by a significant and a vision for the future, sets the stage for an exciting chapter in the EV market. As Lei Jun stakes his reputation on this venture, the industry anticipates what Xiaomi will achieve in its quest to revolutionise mobility and contribute to the rise of 's automobile industry.

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Gabriela Gavrailova
Gabriela Gavrailova
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