Black Desert SEA reveals new item Nouverikant Outfit

Black Desert SEA reveals new item “Nouverikant Outfit”

Pearl Abyss announced today that the Nouverikant Outfit has finally been revealed in Black Desert SEA. Modeled after the power of Bloodstorm Nouver, the new outfit will provide Adventurers with a special gift, quest, and pet. 

Nouverikant is the second in-game outfit that can be obtained through loot following the La Orzeca Outfit. This new outfit can be crafted using the loot obtained by defeating the World Boss “Bloodstorm Nouver,” which appears rarely in the world of Black Desert. 

When Adventurers wear the Nouverikant Outfit, they can get various benefits such as death penalty reduction and increased Amity points. Adventurers can also earn the Nouvermon pet by completing a special quest earned by crafting the new outfit. 

Moreover, PvE and PvP balance has been adjusted for all classes in Black Desert SEA. Overall skill damage and accuracy have both been changed to allow Adventurers to enjoy more exciting battles with any character they wish. 

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