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Monday, April 22, 2024

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Connecting Tomorrow: ASUS servers at MWC 2024 driving the evolution of 5G and AI excellence

Visitors invited to visit ASUS at showroom #2A2MR during MWC Barcelona 2024 international technology showcase.

ASUS, a global infrastructure solution provider, is excited to announce its participation at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, the highly-anticipated annual event taking place at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain, from February 26 – 29, 2024. It is the largest and most influential event for the connectivity ecosystem, bringing together industry leaders, innovators and decision-makers from around the world to explore and discuss the latest advancements in mobile communications industry. As a key player in the industry, ASUS invites valued customers and partners to explore its groundbreaking lineup of server solutions at the ASUS showroom, located in Hall 2 at booth #2A2MR.

ASUS is also proud to announce its strategic partnership with FuriosaAI, a fast-growing startup focusing on next-gen data-center AI accelerators. Its first-generation chip, WARBOY, accelerates vision intelligence and has demonstrated exceptional performance across diverse computer vision models at MLPerf Inference. ASUS servers have successfully qualified WARBOY cards, reinforcing our belief that this collaboration will empower customers to shape the future of AI without constraints. FuriosaAI will showcase WARBOY at ASUS showroom. Attendees will also have the opportunity to delve into a range of cutting-edge server solutions designed to seamlessly integrate with AI and 5G frameworks. Highlights of the ASUS MWC 2024 showcase include:

1. Edge servers for AI and 5G applications

CU/EG520-E11 server is a compact 2U chassis with multiple SKUs. This server provides optional time-sync and FEC function cards, supporting up to three 300 W GPUs simultaneously. It optimizes 5G O-RAN , enhances AI inference, machine learning, and accelerates CDN workloads.

DU/ESR1-511-X4TF server integrates both the Intel vRAN Accelerator ACC100 and the ASUS Intel E810 time-synchronization module. This server supports QAT and L1 acceleration functions without compromising the PCI Express (PCIe) 5.0 interface, processing O-RAN L1/L2 in one system.

2. NVIDIA Grace Hopper AI server

Powered by the  GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, the ESR1-511N-A1 server excels in DL training, inference, and HPC. Its 1U design integrates up to 576 GB of GPU memory and supports fast data transmission through four E1.S local drives and two PCIe 5.0 x16 slots, maximizing compute density and scalability.

3. 2U, four-node high-density server

Powered by 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors, the ESR2-514A-Z4 multi-node server offers the highest density in a 2U chassis, and delivers the latest DDR5 and PCIe Gen5 technologies for compute-intensive workloads.

Live demonstrations

During the event, live demonstrations will showcase the ASUS ESR1-511-X4TF edge server's remarkable capabilities, including its integration with Intel FlexRAN for DU applications in 5G architecture and its prowess in handling AI applications. This includes large language models (LLMs) driven for deployable generative AI solutions, such as one developed, installed and fine-tuned by Taiwan Web Services Corporation (TWSC).

The ASUS showcase at MWC Barcelona 2024, themed Connecting Tomorrow: ASUS Servers Driving the Evolution of 5G and AI Excellence, reflects the company's commitment to the dynamic realms of 5G and AI. Our presence at MWC underscores our dedication to making significant strides in these markets. Visit us at Hall 2, showroom #2A2MR — and join with ASUS as we journey to connecting tomorrow.

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Nurin Sofia
Nurin Sofia
Nurin Sofia is a news editor at Tech Edition. Her interest is in technology and startups, occasionally crunching news for gaming. Sofia enjoys playing video games, going on bike rides, and gardening when she isn't behind a keyboard.

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