Explore Life Content and obtain special rewards in Black Desert SEA

by Smarty

Pearl Abyss announced today that various in-game events involving Life Content have arrived in Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can now increase their Like Skills through these events and claim valuable rewards. 

New Life Content “Runaway Chickens” is now available at Bartali Farm. 10 chickens will try to escape from the farm when morning dawns. Adventurers must approach these chickens while they are sitting and wait until they have laid an egg. By interacting with the egg, there is a chance you will obtain a Golden Egg.  

Pinto’s Cooking Class will also continue to accept students this week. The 2nd week of the cooking class will ask Adventurers to cook 50 Beers by February 10 in order to obtain a Witch’s Delicacy. During the same event period, Adventurers who hunt, gather, and fish can also obtain materials that can be used to manufacture a Warm Cozy Fire. The fire will earn Adventurers one of many valuable items including a Specter’s Energy and Forest Fury. 

The final round of the 3rd anniversary celebrations is now available. Shakatu will give Adventurers who login until February 10 a Golden Elephant Statue, which can be sold for a large amount of silver. Shakatu Merchants’ Golden Pouch will also be given for completing a special quest received from Deremio during the same period. 

Find more information about Black Desert SEA on the official website at sea.playblackdesert.com.    

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