Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Is Now on iOS and Android!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

If you are a diehard Final Fantasy fanboy or a hard-core role-playing gamer, then Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a mobile game not to be missed. This brand new game, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, is one of the latest titles in the Final Fantasy series by Square Enix. Since its launch in Japan last year, it has drawn more than six million players.

Local games studio, gumi Asia, has collaborated with Square Enix on the global version of this new game and has since launched Final Fantasy Brave Exvius worldwide on both iOS and Android.

Square Enix is well-known for their role-playing video game franchises, which include Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts. While gumi Asia is famous for their highly successful mobile game title, Brave Frontier. Bringing the best of both worlds; this game offers a brand new role-playing experience in the series exclusively on mobile.

Brave Exvius 2

Brave Exvius 1

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius features a turn-based battle system with an in-depth storyline, often spotted in most Final Fantasy game titles. Designed specifically for mobile, players can venture through “various types” of dungeons in search of “items, hidden paths, and new routes as they embark on a journey around the story of two knights of the kingdom of Grandshelt, Rain and Lasswell, on a quest to save their world.

In the game, players can also recruit new characters, along with various summons and familiar faces that longtime Final Fantasy fans will recognize. It also features “high-quality CG animations of Final Fantasy summons” and appearances from familiar characters like the Warrior of Light, Cecil, Terra, and Vivi.

Brave Exvius 3

During battles, players can tap their heroes’ names at the bottom of the screen to trigger their primary attacks or the option to cast spells, unleash special abilities, guard against oncoming attacks or use items on each turn. Gamers can also switch to auto-battle mode, to allow the system to trigger the attack on its own.

As players complete the battles, their heroes will earn experience points, and grow stronger as they level up over time. Gamers can also spot the nostalgic victory fanfare and familiar game sound effects from the Final Fantasy series. Along the quests, they can also collect materials after they have defeated enemies and use these materials to craft new equipment and abilities to strengthen their heroes.

So begins a new tale of crystals, and the heroes who would save them…

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Features

Turn-Based Battle System – Easy and interactive battles! Tap the screen to attack, but combine magic abilities with the tactical know-how to overpower opponents in strategic maneuvers.

High-quality CG Animations – Impressive graphics and realistic animations for cutscenes and summons.

Summon and Grow the Team – Players can summon characters from Final Fantasy series to grow and customize their team.

Epic Adventure with In-depth Storyline – Move characters through fields and dungeons to search for items, hidden paths, and new routes to destinations.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Trailer

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