Final Fantasy VII Remake has surpassed 35 million in the first three days

Final Fantasy VII Remake has surpassed 3.5 million in the first three days

Final Fantasy VII Remake has collectively sold more than 3.5 million copies in the first three days since it was released for PS4. These figures were shared on the official Twitter handle of Square Enix earlier today, thanking all the gamers worldwide for making the game a success since its debut on April 10.

Final Fantasy 7 for PlayStation sold more than 9.8 million copies as of December 2005, which accounts for eight years of sales. Since then, the video game has grown a lot, as you may have noticed.

The language they used on the tweet, “shipped and digitally sold,” means that Square Enix, company behind the development of Final Fantasy, is probably counting the physical copies that have been shipped out to retailers, not just the copies bought by the customers. Considering the situation of the world right now, the game is doing quite well.

Since this new game is just the first part of a new series of Final Fantasy, since they are recreating the main story, it will be exciting to see how the following chapters will sell when they hit other platforms. It seems like we won’t need to wait for too long as Square Enix said that work on the second game would be more efficient.

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